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San FRancisco reparations, round three

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In round 2, I explained something that caused confusion. 


I quote in Round 2




Thanks for posting this Richard. While I disagree with how you get to opposing Reparations l think you're wise to do so.


I do not oppose reparations or renaissance. But I oppose a key element that black people don't seem to realize when they talk about repair. ANother was also confused and I replied to them with the following in bold. I merely go into detail after.


good afternoon @Soulsonsix yes, i want to only add we have a happiness foundation elsewhere. More elemental than culture, it is a question of where the majority of black people whose forebears were  enslaved in the usa were last happy and the majority of black people whose forebears were enslaved were never happy in the usa. So, why will a majority of black people whose forebears were enslaved want a renaissance or repair to anything in the usa? 
I will amend, when you buy a brand new car. It is shiny, the engine works, current technology. But, thirty years after, it gets a constant leak, its technology is unsupported. You want the car repaired, a reparation. But that is because the car was once great all around. The black community in the USA whose forebears were enslaved, which is not all black people in the usa, have no prior positive state to repair back to. They have no naissance to have a renaissance. The black community whose forebears were enslaved started the usa journey with over 95% enslaved. Then after the war between the states, sharecropping or jails, which is slavery with a contract or the still legal way. Then it was in urban collections in cities black people didn't create or control. The prior state of the majority in the black community whose forebears were enslaved, I will use the term DOSers afterword,  in the usa is extremely negative, so what is their to repair in the usa? the answer is nothing. But, is reparations dysfunctional? not historically. The problem isn't that reparations is a false goal, the problem is where reparations takes DOSers , if we are honest about where most of us were last happy? The answer is africa, but not one country. DOSers from canada to argentina are a mix of african peoples. The problem with reparations in San FRancisco is the majority of the DOSer community in the usa  has no condition or state of being  in the usa in the past worth repairing. The native american has a state or condition worth repairing in the USA, which is before the european colonies came into existence, but DOSers don't. So when anybody, black or white or other, talks about the goals of reparations, they are forgetting the unfortunate, ahh luck:) , reality of the DOSer community is while reparations are warranted beyond measure, the reparations take DOSers unto a journey out or away from the usa. And the problem there is, Africa as a continent or any country in it has no way to handle the need of reparations for DOSers anywhere in the american continent as a large group. 

YEs, black people individually go back to africa, but this issue is about mass groups. 

Yes, not all black people in the usa today are descended from enslaved, some are immigrants from kenya. but this doesn't invalidate reparations because an ever growing number of black people came to this land like whites. 

And yes, I was verbose in this amendment to the bold quote, but you have to use more words to display the specificity in this issue. 


Citation for my bold quote





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my pleasure  @KENNETH

Black people ourselves created our own myths about a better past. how many black people talk about back in the day we were united? back in the day we cared for ourselves? back in the day this, back in the day that. 

Back in the day we owned nothing. Back in the day white people abused us to no end, beyond many modern black folks comprehension. Back in the day we hated whites and  never emitted that hate in any physical action outside talking in the dark. 

What is the black individual mantra? I got mine get yours . .. right? 

But the white community enslaved the black community in the american continent. 

The white community didn't enslave you or I they enslaved us, no matter our relationship to each other. 

When was the last time a majority of black people whose forebears were enslaved in the usa were happy? Was in 2022? no was it eh 1980s? no was it 1965? no . Was it in 1865? no was it in 1776? no was it in the 1500s in the boats? no. Was it in africa on the docks to unknown lands? no. it was in africa all about the continent. 

But Black DOSers going to repair to that? Complicated, I will say nothing is impossible, but complicated. 

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