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You talk like a white girl...

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I've been told multiple times that I sound like a white girl( because of a "girly voice") or that I sound educated. 


I don't really take it as an insult because it's not always meant that way but sometimes it is. I find it troubling that black people think a black woman with a feminine voice sounds white...??? Like??? Or that I sound educated because I sound white to them??? Hmm???


I didn't grow up around white people nor am I college educated, so this how I know people are unapologetically biased against their own.



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I don't associate a light high pitched or "girly" voice with talking like a White girl.

I know a lot of well educated Black women who have proper English and I don't consider them talking White.
A lot of it is the inflection and dialect that gives a woman a "white girl" sound.

Another thing is AfroAmerican women tend to have deeper voices that a lot of women from other ethnic groups.
I know a lot of African women who's pitch is just as high or higher than White women's and if you hear them talking, it sounds like birds chirping....lol.

It just shows that we as a people need to get out and explore the world more.
Everybody doesn't act or sound like us.

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@SpeakHerTruth I will defend the black community in the usa and say, black people , all age groups, living today have to realize that in the black community in the usa we have many battles of heritage, what we carry, that had very negative legacies in the cultures, what we grow, afterward. 

When the war between the states ended , while most black people could be considered christian, we were not church people. Remember, black churches were common after the war between the states. Why does that matter? the creation and administration and culture of black churches was a battle in the black community that we don't speak of enough. As always in the usa in the black community , no consensus existed really, but who won the war? 

Black churches, financed by whites mostly,  who felt the illiterate black people , who were illiterate through slavery not their own means, were a lesser peoples who needed sheparding by the black people more fortunate to have been allowed to learn. 

We had the black college movement, again mostly founded by white churches, to get the black one percent, the black financial aristocracy to be christian/culturally attuned to the usa- meaning no anti white<get the hate out your heart> - no anti usa<even though you were enslaved and forced to immigrate it makes no difference, which is a clear matter of opinion, not fact>.And in black colleges became a minority in the black community who used their common education as a status symbol to the majority of black people who could read or write, but were not knowledgeable and often used various accents or patuas like geechee, which black people don't like to admit was looked down on by the black one percent. 

Then you had the NAACP , funded by white jews, who through WEB DUbois believed in the talented tenth, which is another minority in the black community. And this one doesn't like black music/ ala no negro spirituals or jazz, was usually redbone, thus looked down on black people of browner hues in skin, and of course, thought unknowledgeable blacks were lazy. 

My point, the black community in the usa since the end of the war between the states had a black financial elite, I call the black one percent, who while a minority represented the people in leadership roles in the black community. and that minority in the black community had public negative biases towards black people based on how they talked, what they knew, how they saw the world. and the legacy of that internal bias which started at the end of the war between the states has only grown or mutated over the one hundred and fifty plus years to modernity, the now. 

Remember, fannie lou hamer had to fight other black leaders to speak. but why? they didn't feel this country, illiterate, person had the right quality of voice to speak for black people, and the sad truth is, more black people sounded like fannie lou hamer than any of the others. 

So I say this to you Speakhertruth for you to comprehend, the heritage that has given you difficulty has a beginning in our community. It isn't merely random negative chiding. it comes from black people judging other black people based on the differences of heritage or culture, which only creates more negative biases.  

As I have said in this forum many times, The village has many tribes in the USA. The black village isn't one tribe, it is many tribes. A tribe is the college educated, A tribe is the illegal financial operators, a tribe is the black militants who want to kill , a tribe is the black christians who chide non violence, a tribe is...one of many and our community in the usa since the war between the states has seen the generation/birth of many tribes, but the cohesion of next to none of them. The 1960s is the proof. if the nation of islam/the sbclc- southern black christian leadership conference/the naacp- even while white finances/the black panthers for self defense could had worked together better things would had been better. but... the nation of islam had a religious dislike with christian, the black christians had limits on how they would self defend, the naacp felt financial integration side whites was better, the black panthers were too segregationist. 

It isn't fair that some black people in the past wanted to not be black and suggested that the way they talked made them superior to other black folk. but they did and the legacy of such actions requires the future to deal with. if it can

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On 3/26/2023 at 10:40 AM, SpeakHerTruth said:


That's why I don't get it. I don't use inflection or dialect of white people; I wouldn't even know how. 

A lot of our people have been conditioned....indeed down right brainwashed....to believe that ANYTHING proper, good, and decent = White.

The police = White
Proper English = White
Law abiding = White
Good grades in school = White
Reading = White
Model Citizen = White

Despite all of these goofy ass White folks out here fucking up all day every day; because of their inferiority complex they associate ANYTHING decent and proper with being White.
Most Black folks who come from Africa don't have that problem.
They are conditioned to try to speak English as properly as they can.  Infact, they learn BRITISH English which is supposed to be superior to American English.  
It's a shame someone born and raised in an entirely different nation can speak English better than a lot of these people born and raised in Chicago or St.Louis.

Go to Chicago and listen to how many of the Black folks there speak.
It's not the South, yet many of them sound like slaves who just stepped off the damn plantation in 2023.



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