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Katt Williams Reveals How Hollywood Elites Control Black Celebs 


I absolutely do NOT believe everything that Katt is saying, but I do believe in some of his statements. 

I never heard of him though, until I saw Ice Cube's film, First Sunday, and think that Katt is very funny and perhaps should be right up there with the other big time comedians. So on this score, this video makes some sense to me. He spoke about Kevin Hart and Dave Chapelle's experiences and etc. very interesting. 




Katt Williams - Shorts - "Get you some white friends". 




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Comedian Katt Williams is example of someone who has done very well for himself relying mainly on an AfroAmerican audience.   


Katt Williams is to comedy what Frankie Beverly & Maze is to Black music.  They can always make their money in in chocolate cities.


Katt will probably never have the net worth of his peer comedians.  But, Katt's conscience should always be clear as long he doesn't become a hoe for Holly-Weird,😎



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