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Should. Black. Churches. Grow. Marijuana ????

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Pastor. Jamal. Bryant. Wants. His. Church. To. Grow. Marijuana !!,He,Says. For. Black. Males. Black. Men. To. Come. To. Church!!,,Black. Churches. Growing. And. Selling. Marijuana ...Will., The. Church. Congregation. Be. On. Drugs. Marijuana. In. Church ,??,,Preachers. Are. Idiots. Pimps  ,Snakes. Who. Worship. Money. ,,Enslave. Black. People.  Black. People. Who. Go. To. Church. Are,,Idiots. Morons.....Preachers. Should. Stop. Stealing. All. The,,Church. Money........Church. Should. Grow. Marijuana 😄😄😄😄😄!.

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That does  not seem like a good look for a Black Black church. Surely there are other businesses they can get into… 


not sure why that would bring more Black men into the church… unless they plan on dispensing free weed. 


I’m a baby boomer, and times, they are-a-changing, so wadda I know.


The youngins are taking the reins blind to the past and irrationally hopefully for the future. 

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Lol...not sure what to say about this one.

I'm not surprised though.
Neely Fuller Jr. said that a time is going to come when it'll be a regular thing for preachers to have sex with members on the church live upfront and on stage.
Church prostitution isn't far away.


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Obviously, the pastor did not think this one through.  Churches have tax exempt status. 


As soon as the church produces something tangible, the government will be knocking at the pulpit. 


Pastor Bryant needs to stay in his lane and continue getting paid to spin fairy tales.🤣😎

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