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Cleopatra. Not. Black. !!!!!!!!

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Cleopatra. Was. Not. Black. Says. Egypt....There. Is. A. Netflix ,,Docudrama. About. Cleopatra. ,They. Portraying. Her. As   Being ,,Black. .....Egypt. Angry. With. Netflix. For. Saying. Cleopatra Was,,Black.  ...Brown. Skin. People. Hate. Black. Skin.  ....Basketball ,Player. Kyrie   Irving. Saying. Hebrews. Or. Jews. Were Black. ,,White,Jewish. Got. Angry......Across. The. World.,From,Africa,, ,People. Were,,Kidnapped. Taken. To. Other. Countries.  History. Of. Africa,Middle. East , History. Before. The. Slave. Ships...Egypt,,Kush,,Nubian. Kingdom. ??..

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I haven't done enough research on Cleopatra to actually have a educated opinion on what color she was. 
If I remember correctly, she was "mixed race" or of different racial backgrounds but I'm not sure.

However along with the racist Arabs....I blame Black people for this controversy.
I'm talking about the Black people both here and in Africa.
We have the money and resources, so why haven't WE made a movie depicted Cleopatra the way WE think she looked?


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