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Blackplanet, brokers on sensationalism and scandal to drawn attention. I get their emails to get ideas to build my traffic. Rarely can i Implement them. Here are the top "news" stories from the latest email I received.

• Did Kim Kardashian Hook Up With Her Ex Reggie Bush?

• Travel Solo Dolo! Visit Bali

• Halloween Brings Fears Of Gang Violence

• Financial Woes! James Brown's Estate Was $20M In Debt

• Is This Why Kim Kardashian Is Divorcing Kris Humphries?

• How To Get Into First Class! Follow This GIANT Travel Tip

• Black Tech Entrepeneur: We Are Still "Invisible" In Silicon Valley

• Teens Drop Shopping Cart From 4th Story Ledge Onto Woman's Head

• Packing Playlist: California

• Naughty! Herman Cain Accused Of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior

• Best Places to Travel Alone: Australia

• Terrell Owens: "I Can't Afford My Child Support Payments"

• Divorce Party Playlist [ORIGINAL]

Here is why I don't do well on the pop-culture category of trivial pursuit: I while I've heard of Kim Kardasian I have not idea who she is or why Black people would care about her. I gather she slept with Reggie Bush, but again it is not clear why that is important or even interesting.

Blackplanet is a typical example of what happens when we (read: Black people) do not control our media -- the information is not in our interest not does it nourish us.

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