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Black. Children. Raped. By. Preachers...

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Black. Preachers. Are. In. Prison. For. Raping., Children....Black,Children. Molested. ,Raped.  By. Black. Preachers..Silence. By. NAACP ,Politicians. And  The. Church .....Leading. Up. To. Elections. NAACP. ,Black. Politicians., Are,,Concerned. About. Black. People. ...Church. Preachers. ,Want,Money. Black. People. Should. Begin. Holding. Our. Own ,,Accountable. ....Black. Lives. Matter. Silent.  .Maybe. They. Are,,Counting. All. The  Money. They. Got....Black. Lives. Of. ,Black,Children. Do. Not. Matter. To. The. Church,NAACP,,Politicians,,,,Or,Black. Lives. Matter.  Where. Is. Pastor ,Warnock ,Preacher. Farrakhan,Sharpton. Rest. Of. Those. ,Snakes. T d. Jakes ,Creflo Dollar. ...Preachers. Are. Snakes ,,Black ,People. Who. Go. To church. Are. Idiot. Morons.....

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This reminds me of that movie by Spike Lee  "Red Hook Summer"; about the preacher who molested children down in Georgia and ran up to New York to escape and start over and ended up getting found out and beat up.

Man, there's only one Spike Lee.
He should have started a film school to teach other Black filmmakers how to make films that deliver the impact his does.

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