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Difference. Crack. Cocaine. ,Opioid. Meth..Black. And. White....

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Read. That. Walgreens. Has. To. Pay. 230. Million. To. San. Francisco ,,For. The. Opioid. Crisis.....White. People. Using. ,Dying. From. ,,Opioid. ,And. Meth. .Read. That. CIA. Deliberately. Dumped. Out,,Cocaine. In. Black. Communities....Crack. Cocaine. Has ,Helped ,,To. Destroy. The. Black. Communities..  Black. Women. And. Men. In,Prison. For. Selling. And. Buying. Crack. Cocaine...They. Get,, Young. ,Black. Boys. To. Sell. It......Babies. Born.   Addicted. To. ,,Crack. Cocaine.....Nobody. Talking. About. Going. After. Who. Brings. Cocaine. To. Black. Communities. ,Inner. City. Communities...Democrats. Nor Republicans. ..Democrats. Black And ,White. Not. Investigating. ,,All. The. Black. Votes. They. Get.............

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Unfortunately, it started with white folks dumping heroin into AfroAmerican communities back  in the 1970s. 


They killed off AfroAmerican leaders in the 1960s. For their pain and suffering and leader-less, in major Black cities across America, they turned AfroAmericans into junkies.  


White society's reaction to the opioid *crisis* and Fentanyl and their hands off approach to crystal method is another case study in a tale of two Americas. 


Their drug laws are  set up specifically to punish Black folks.  Those same laws do not apply to white folks proportionately.


I have zero compassion or empathy for white folks suffering from drug addiction.  They are wasting their white skin, er, privilege.😎

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