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Three White Races

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Well the first thing that comes to mind...

Who defines what is "pseudo-science" versus presumably "REAL science"?


Is it a consensus among scientists?


Is there a governing body who decides this?


Lol....or is there a big book high up on a mountain somewhere that clearly and neatly separates and categorizes all of the real from the pseudo?




The second thing is how OBVIOUSLY flawed the old classification of White people into 3 races of:


....actually is.


First of all the Mediterranean peoples are obviously  a MIXURE of various races.
Not just one.


And so are the people of the Alpine to a certain extent.

Both of these so-called "races" are simply White folks MIXED with various African and Arab ancestry from centuries of being conquered and occupied.
They are NOT races unto themselves.

I forgot the name of it...not exactly what I'd call a strawman argument....but her presentation is built off of erroneous and faulty information used to support her assertion that race or atleast the White race was someone "contrived" and has no merit to it's existence.

Saying White folks weren't around until the WORD "White" was invented is like saying MEN didn't exist until the word "man" was invented.

And as I've said numerous times before.....while RACIAL CLASSIFICATION is man-made and subject to error - RACE ITSELF isn't.
RACE is BIOLOGICAL and exists regardless as to how it's classified or categorized.

The biological difference between these two men is OBVIOUS....not some man-made "construct".

image.png.56a0cbbf87db7236112c7f07fe1526bc.png  image.png.4d1541e96d613ed54883202c856275f2.png



You can name it or label it whatever you like, but the differences exist none the less.

Names and titles doesn't decide whether something or someone EXISTS or not.

Whether they are called "White people" today, or "Europeans" 300 years ago, or "Aryans" three thousand years ago....we're all talking about the same pinkish people who came out of the Caucasus mountains to dominate the world.

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