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The old "Banana In The Tail Pipe" routine....and some of you fell for it.

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Do some of you SERIOUSLY not see the GAME these wicked devils are playing and have BEEN playing in Washington D.C. for years????

Do you SERIOUSLY believe they were going to let their own economy "crash and burn" out of some petty disagreement?

No....I told you guys the other day that this so-called "debt ceiling/ default crisis" was just some STUNT that the leaders of BOTH parties were pulling in order to trick the American people into accepting more austerity.

They've BEEN planning to take away from Social Security, Health Care, Education, and other benefits but had to come up with a crafty and sneaky way to do it and more importantly JUSTIFY it.

They can't just come right out and say,




"Hey guys.
Sorry but we're cutting the social safety net programs in order to force you to work harder and for more years.
This is needed to bolster the private sector with more desperate workers"



People would have a fit.
Not all, but most.
They have to come up with a SNEAKY way to do it to where you believe they "didn't have a choice" but to cut your benefits but had to to "save" the economy.

They have BILLIONS of dollars to give away to the Ukraine...just like they had BILLIONS to give away in Iraq and Afghanistan....yet mysteriously the word "Ukraine" doesn't even APPEAR in the so-called "deal" they came up with to target for cuts in spending.
Plenty of money for them....no interruption in sending money for them....but can't afford YOUR social security, medicaid, or erase your student loan debt and don't even TALK about money for our Reparations...lol.

Infact, they aren't even TALKING about erasing student loan debt anymore.....notice that?

Come on yall.....lol.
No more falling for the old "banana in the tail pipe".
Wake the hell up and recognize that BOTH the Republicans AND Democrats...at the top...are working together to fuck the American people.  Especially AfroAmericans. 
Which is why WE as AfroAmericans need to focus on attaining as much power as we can in this land and change things for ourselves instead of waiting on White folks to do it.  They won't.


 -I'll give you guys another bit of political wisdom......
Ron DeSantis KNOWS he's not going to be President and doesn't plan on it.
He's actually working WITH Trump and the Republican Party to be so ridiculously extreme and to the right of Trump that the only "reasonable choice" would be for all Republicans to just go ahead and support Trump.
It's a GAME they're playing.


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@Pioneer1 in my offline circle and including myself,  I didn't expect something to not be done. But my reasons were not because the government of the usa is playing a game as much as the dysfunctions in government demand certain actions. 

And for the record I never said they wouldn't do a deal. and please find a quote where it is said I did. I did say it was possible and it still is technically. The congress has to mull this thing. It isn't certain yet. 

The problem is simple. The USA is an empire, like all empires it's military dictates affairs. The USA military governs global trade. No problem. But, the system the usa set up for governance + financial wealth maintenance intergovermentally, has to be blunt, dysfunctions. In Modern humanity every single government has a financially wealthy caste whose money is secure, traded in the light of the USA empire. In parallel, all governments are part of an intergovernmental web designed by the usa who we all see working with the inability to actually blockade russia today. The problem is, the intergovermental global system the usa developed is... dysfunctional at least, poor at best. Outside unknowables, negative inevitabilities  will occur in the future throughout humanity based on said global system the usa engineered. 


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A while back, I wrote a post about the debt ceiling as a moving goal post. 


Another refrain of mine is that American political parties are two sides of the same coin. It's definitely a game


There are many forms of TV entertainment. Instead of watching soap operas, series or reality shows, etc., I watch the news.😁😎

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2 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:

I know what the TERM means.....but what do you mean as it relates to the debt ceiling?

The debt ceiling has been raised 68 times and counting. The US keeps modifying how much money it can print and/or afford to pay back.


The whole debt ceiling thing is a silly exercise because whichever countries the US owes money will never call in the markers. The world economy is dependent on America in one way or another.


That's how America can send $80 billion to Ukraine for a war they cannot win but the government want to cut benefits to American citizens. 😎

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I observed that they weren't even TALKING about forgiving student loan debt anymore.
But I guess I spoke too soon....they're talking about student loan debt now.

Now they're saying that because of this "deal" the Whitehouse made with the Republicans, people are going to HAVE TO PAY THEIR LOANS BACK.



Since March 2020, tens of millions of federal student loan borrowers have had the option to take a break from paying back their student loans without earning additional interest.

Now, after five extensions, three years and two presidents, that pause looks set to end.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives will vote on a deal to avoid a historic government debt default by raising the nation's debt ceiling for roughly two years. As part of a bipartisan compromise, the legislation includes a provision to restart student loan payments.

But, notably, it doesn't touch on another highly-watched issue for borrowers: Biden's plan to erase up to $20,000 in debt. The fate of that broader plan still rests in the hands of the Supreme Court.

Here's what you need to know.

What does the debt deal actually change for borrowers?

The deal spells out when repayments resume: 60 days after June 30. If the legislation passes, that means all federal student loan borrowers will be expected to start making payments again after August 29. Their loans will accrue interest then as well.





When do student loan repayments resume? Here's how the debt deal changes things : NPR






Talk about good-for-nothing double crossers.

I thought they had BEEN forgave the student loan debts already.
I don't have any student loan debts so I didn't know what was going on.
Now I come to find out that they didn't erase it....they just froze the payments you had to make on it.

A sneaky move like that should have told people something more sinister was coming down the line and that they better hurry up and force the Democrats to FORGIVE the loans totally.

If they didn't learn how to negotiate a repayment on a damn loan...what good was going to college in the first place?
What the hell did they learn????

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@ProfD thank you for saying that the bill can't be called in. If you give your life savings to the local mob boss and get a deal to get interest, the mob boss will not be afraid of you even if he stop paying interest. The USA military is the answer , positively or negatively. 


@Pioneer1 In NYC many people still have years of unpaid rent. The problem Pioneer is the usa has an unlimited budget and can't have its debts called in, but it also wants to keep the illusion of financial honesty or sincerity. 

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12 hours ago, richardmurray said:


@Pioneer1 In NYC many people still have years of unpaid rent. The problem Pioneer is the usa has an unlimited budget and can't have its debts called in, but it also wants to keep the illusion of financial honesty or sincerity. 

And also the "budget" and these different debt and deficit games they play are ILLUSIONS designed to confuse and manipulate the American people into believing that the government doesn't have enough money to take care of them.

Infact, that's really what the Federal Reserve was established for.
To create a "false" debtor that the U.S. supposedly has to answer to.

Originally the U.S. Constitution gave the Federal Government the sole authority to generate as much money as they wanted AND sign as much value to it as they wanted.
But they purposely forfeited that right when they established the Federal Reserve system.

To create the false illusion of having debt or supposedly "owing" trillions of dollars to some mysterious entity that they "must" pay back...but never do.

So when conservatives and those lined up with the ultra-rich want to slash funding for schools, healthcare, infrastructure, etc....as a diabolical scheme to make the American people work harder, they can claim to be broke or point to the Federal Reserve and claim they owe to much money to IT to pay for other programs.



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@Pioneer1 Only one thing , it isn't mysterious entities. Nippon/China/Russia/many other governments bought the debt. They bought it cause the usa is the safest currency. The problem is, said countries also trade in this debt, the biggest being nippon. which means if the usa was to default, Nippon would now sell all that debt in a storm as the evaluation of the debt bought will go negative and that will begin a cascade of intergovernmental problems. The USA will be safe but the global system the usa set up will collapse and that will mean many governments or wealthy in every part of humanity will be damaged.

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