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A glaring example of how screwed up this country has become is how Republican conservatives are defending Herman Cain against sexual harrassment charges, making up excuses for the doofus they are supporting for president by saying Cain is the victim of a smear campaign - totally ignoring the seriousness of these allegations as if a sexually aggressive black man is no big deal. Adding insult to injury is conservative harpie Ann Colter laying claim to Republicans like Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas by referring to them as "our" Blacks. I am almost reduced to silence by the digust I feel for this situation.

Meanwhile, the news of Kim Kardashian's putting her latest black stud out to pasture is grabbing more headlines than the the "Occupy Wall Street protesters who at least have the best interest of the "have-nots" in mind while seeking publicity.

And, amid snide implications that dumb jocks are no match for the ruthless greedy owners they are attempting to negotiate with in order to end the NBA lockout, baseball's World Series played itself out, hard pressed to stir wide-spread interest in America' favorite passtime, the professional sport which in the past boasted a wealth of black players but which in the just completed series had only one native born African American playing on either the AL and NL rosters.

President Obama? The only success he's having with the promise of jobs is the approval he garnered when acknowledging the innovative genius of the late Steve Jobs. So much for Black Barry.

As a cynical pundit recently commented, the light at the end of the tunnel appears to have been put out. And so it goes...

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And here in LaLaLand the top 2 news stories are 1) trial of Michael Jackson’s doctor and 2) how much time will Lindsay Lohan spend in jail [that's after she finishes her playboy spread – yuck!]. The European financial crisis that affects ALL of us - barely mentioned after the 2nd commercial. Priorities People!


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