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Author/Publishers Free Ways to Promote on AALBC.com

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Author and Publishers you should post your book information;

AALBC.com Facebook wall: http://www.facebook.com/aalbcfanpage

AALBC.com Events calendar: http://aalbc.com/tc/index.php?/calendar/

AALBC.com Literary Discussion board (Thumper’s Corner): http://aalbc.it/aalbctc

If you are into SEO, AALBC.com has a Google page rank of 6, has been on line since 1998, has an Alexa ranking ranging from 75K to 200K, has hundreds of other indexed sites linked to us, and is the the largest site of it's kind.

This discussion board is published via an RSS feed whose posts are automatically tweeted.

I also use these sources to discover information to add to my eNewsletter and to share via social media.

AALBC.com will require you to create an account to post, but if you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can logon to AALBC.com using it.

Read more about promoting your book for free: http://aalbc.it/aalbcforfree

Taking an out an ad on AALBC.com take all of this to another level. We are perhaps the only site that can give an advertiser half a million ad impressions a month to such a targeted demographic (dominated by adult, educated, women). Our click through rates for banners ads are typically in the single digit percent range (compare that to Google or Facebook click through rates).

Visit http://aalbc.com/advertise_on_aalbc.html to learn more about advertising on AALBC.com -- customized packages are available.

Finally have your website added to the New Huria Search search engine: http://huria.org

Remember books do not sell themselves ;)

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