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EDITORS NOTE (June 2017): As of March 2016, after a 5 year run, Huria Search’s run as a standalone site ended.  I could not longer justify the additional expense.  I found the search engine useful so transferred it here: https://aalbc.com/huria/ so that I and a few others could continue to use it.  About a year ago Google announced that they are discontinuing the underlying service which drives Hura Search, so i'm note sure how much longer it will continue to operate.




Check out Huria Search: http://huria.org


Hey everyone If you have not already noticed all the big Black websites have sold out to corporate concerns who more interested in money than the Black community. The pursuit of money explains why the big "Black" site cover Kim Kardasian, or any celebrity scandal they can dig up and help exacerbate.

Because of their might these corporations have dominated search results, not because of "better" content, but because of their ability to game search results and purchase advertising. As a result, you are more likely to learn more about the sorted details of Terry McMillan's divorce than her accomplishments as a writer when you Google her name.

To give folks search results that skew toward independent Black owned websites, I created Huria Search. Huria Search will introduce you to websites you probably never knew existed because they were buried so deeply in regular search results. Check it out I think you will enjoy what you find.

The sites are not limited to independent Black websites. You'll find sites like libraries (Schomburg), publishers (Akashic), not for profits (poets.org), any entity that has positively contributed to the global Black community should be included. Non-US sites are part of the mix as well.

If you believe in the spirit of what I'm trying to accomplish please help spread the word, post links on your Blog and websites and support Huria Search, and by extension, the global Black community.

Read a recent Blog posts about Huria Search.

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Anika99, thanks for the encouragement. I think this a bigger issue than your typically web surfer can appreciate. I have been tracking Black sites since the Internet has been a commercial entity. I remember terrific sites like Netnoir and Melanet and one of the first Black book websites Drumandspear.com I remember the promise and opportunity Black folks had to really do something powerful as our voiced were no longer controlled by big corporations.

The Barriers are back up and Big coporations have control over our images again. Independent websites have little chance without the collective support of visitors, writers, and other sites. The problem Black independent sites are muti-faceted and profound. Consider the fact that there is no way I could start and AALBC.com today and have it be as successful as it is now.

Here is a thoughtful article written about Huria Search: aalbc.it/harticle1

The site has only been up two days but the support and reaction to it has been quite good so far, but there will need to be continuous support for the effort to have the greatest long term impact. That support however has to come from people; because big corporations have no incentive to support Huria Search's goals.

The people truly do have the most to benefit.

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