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THE GARDINS OF EDIN – A debut novel about a southern family and its many complexities

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Hi everyone! I’m excited to join the forum. I’d like to introduce myself and share about my debut novel, which comes out Jan 9. I’m a New Orleans native who lives in Atlanta, and I write about complicated Southern families. My debut novel is about Ruth, Naomi, Martha, and Mary Gardin, who live in the fictional town of Edin, Georgia. They co-own a multimillion dollar peanut business, but their family is on the verge of falling apart. Although biblical knowledge isn’t needed to be drawn into the drama that rocks the Gardin family from the Christmas to Easter holidays, my novel combines the personality traits of female Bible characters with the relatability of their stories, and it will quench the curiosity of readers who’ve ever wondered what happened after the stories told in the Bible. 

THE GARDINS OF EDIN  eblast graphic - 800x800_final.gif

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