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Church Mouse: All Saints All Sinners

Michelle Tamiko Hardy

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One fine morning a little mouse named Beatrice got ready for church. She went to her closet to pull out her finest church shoes that were hammered together with a piece of wood from a couch, maybe it was birch.

Beatrice searched for her only hat to go with the shoes. This is something she thought she would rarely lose. She found the shoes and now it was time to find the dress. It was tucked away in her closet with an elegantly well placed hole she had stitched with a hairtress.

Beatrice slipped her little nylons on her small clawed feet. She only had one glove to cover her paw and it had a small stain but once she put it on, it looked fairly neat.

Beatrice spit on her paw to tame her fur and style it with a dap of oil can grease. It made sense to her, she was going to praise God who let her have a new lease.

As Beatrice exited her home, there stood her mother and her aunt waiting to go to church. Her mother’s left eyebrow went north and the eye stared her down in a lurk.

Beatrice’s grandmother’s right eyebrow went south as she observed the scuffmarks on her shoes. She could hear the tisk-tisk in their voices before they even opened their mouths to issue their boo’s.

Her mother and grandmother grabbed her by both of her arms and led her back inside. All they could see was that she was trying to take the family name for an embarrassing ride.

God did not care what Beatrice had on that particular day. He had given Beatrice those clothes to wear, so she could come to church and pray. She had nothing on her back when she stumbled upon a pile of clothes left at her door, so she cooped them up and took them in to launder galore. There was a note attached that said, “Come as you are and I will bless you with more.”post-1225-0-58323400-1323035234_thumb.jp

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