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Not Disappointed by President Obama - Jake Lamar


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Really a love letter to Barack, and probably an anathema to Fox News, and that alone is enough to appreciate it. :)

One thing this "Ode to Obama" briefly touched on, is how both Republicans and Democrats dance around the notion that what is going on in this countyry is a class war. All Republicans have to do to stifle the Democrats is to accuse them of fostering a "class war", and the Democrats shrink into silence for fear of being accused of promoting Socialism.

But it is a class war! The upper class is fighting to maintain its wealth and privilege and the middleclass is entrenched in an untenable position while the lower classes will become the casualties of collateral damage.

As my boy Chris Hayden use to say, "Jesus, if you comin back, hurry up." (Maybe I'll get religion, yet.) :lol:

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