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Help is on the way ladies!


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Ladies, if Steve Harvey's books offered you no salvation the complex world of Black men and relationships look no furthur the author of "Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat", Michael Baisden, has a new book Never Satisfied Do Men Know What They Want

At at last, sisters you long wait is over:

What Do Men Want? Why Can't They Commit? Why Isn't One Woman Enough? Men expect their woman to have it all, nice figure, pretty face, master chef, and sex guru. But she must be careful not to be too wild in the bedroom otherwise she'll be suspected of foul play. He'll ask, "Who did you learn that from?" Let's face it, insecure men are intimidated by sexually confident women?

- Michael Baisden

Michael addresses the profound questions and provides answers escaping us all. In his book you'll learn:

Men don't don;t worry Mike has something for you too:

Marriage, money, monogamy and more... Do Women Know What They Want? (Uncut Version)


"In this uncensored version, things quickly get hot and out of hand as Michael and his co-host, George Willborn, host a "passion party" to find out what the ladies want in the bedroom. Frank talk not for the faint of heart."

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While I'm sure many will find this book and certainly the DVD entertaining, I wonder how many will consume these products looking for serious help in their relationships.

To his credit Michael is not positioning these products as solutions. In an attempt at a little sardonic wit, I suggested answers would be provided :wub:

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