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Well boitumelo, I received a Google Alert email for the discussion board post. Thanks again for helping to raise the profile of this site.

I would have never imaged there were so many missing Black folks going unreported. In fact, I never even heard of the TV One program until I got the email from Google.

The responsibility for this does not rest with Black preachers, the NAACP or politicians. It really rests with us. In theory, all those folks and institutions you mentioned should be behaving in a fashion that reflects our collective needs. Unfortunately they seem to be mostly concerned with their own need, hence their ineffectiveness. It is up to us to make them accountable, and do want is important.

We also have, fewer and fewer platforms to get the word out about anything, let alone missing persons. The platform that remain are too busy talking about Jay Z's use of bitch and Kim Kardasian.

It looks like TV One has figured out a way to create compelling TV (revenue generating) and at the same time address a serious problem.

Thanks for sharing this.

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The platform that remain are too busy talking about Jay Z's use of bitch and Kim Kardasian.

This is very true. Reality shows have gone hyper viral now and any mundane, stupid, ridiculous or mindless reality based clown show is now the rage. Today, TV is primarily made for the under 25 generation. If you look back at TV when we were children or teenagers, you did not see the level and pervasiveness of designer mindlessness made for TV. Now, it is the white hot driving impetus for TV ratings and programming. And if a child is not a “white female” (preferably blonde and blue –gives you head of the line privileges), the chances of national coverage is very unlikely. Missing males, Latino and black children cannot and do not trump national coverage (or even regional) for white females. E'nuff said...

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