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SNAPSHOTS: A book of daily affirmations for African-Americans

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SNAPSHOTS, the new book by Gibran Tariq is not merely a book of 365 affirmations. It is a provocative day-to-day adventure, a daily event that will transform you. It is a cover-to-cover inspirational guide for African-Americans who aspire to understand themselves and the world in which they live. This book will set your soul on fire. It is a key that you can use to unlock the start of each morning and then provide you with a passport into the mystery of tomorrow. The book can be found on Amazon.com in both the print and Kindle editions. Below are the SNAPSHOTS from the first of the year and the one from yesterday..

January 1

Don’t believe the hype! There are only 7 days a year. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. It’s just that they come at U 358 more times in a bewildering array of brilliant disguises. –ali-

Until you have made a happy landing at that place called YOU, there is no need to even consider making resolutions since you will merely be addressing “adopted theories” or “misplaced notions” about the true nature of your being when your real worth and value lie buried deep beneath the legacy of lies perpetuated upon you by your parents, spouses, bosses and your own foolish imitations of those you idolize! Without knowledge of self, your resolutions only support your bold willingness to promote and impose behavior on yourself that may not even be conducive to your personal well-being. You don’t know who you are, so how can you choose wisely? Without intimate knowledge of your real needs, you will tend to choose what speaks loudest or sparkles brightest because when you possess no sense of loyalty to yourself, then it is easy to be attracted to sentiments and mindsets that were not fashioned or forged in the depths of your own being. There must exist a continuing sense of loyalty to yourself that affords you the warrant to believe you are worth further development and that your trust in yourself is all the license you need to begin the search for yourself. Next you must strip yourself of all the pretenses you may have acquired of wanting to be exactly like someone else, and then you must crush all the remnants of the person you were molded to be by others. Then you work with what’s left. That’s the framework that leads to YOU. HAPPY LANDING!

February 13

The funny thing about love is that you earn from it just what you have leaned from it.


When love is new, your emotions are like school children on a trip to the zoo. Everything beckons, glowing with sunshine, pulsing with joy. This is a freebie. It can be savored, pored over, luxuriated in, and devoured without guilt. Once it’s gone these moments cannot be salvaged. They were merely attention-getting sensory modifiers whetting your appetite for more, but the rest comes with strings attached. You have to work for them. After all of nature’s preliminary reports are in, alerting you to the mother lode of good feelings still available, you now are required to plumb the depths of another person’s soul to extract them. It is not impossible work if you are perceptive. A lingering touch, a whispered sigh, a wistful glance are all sign posts that point the way. The love is there.Waiting. Get it.

To purchase SNAPSHOTS,click on the link below


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