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The impact of Street Lit


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The Impact of Street Lit

Throughout the history of American literature, the world of the arts has never attempted to hide the fact that Street Lit is viewed as the ‘ugly duckling’ in the fabled halls of writing. In fact, this much maligned observation, has ultimately, in certain circles, tended to damage the reputation of this genre. The most vocal critics of Street Lit have teasingly termed such writings as ‘literary disasters’. They malign the literary accountability of such work and swiftly point out that Street Lit with its violent sensationalism and subjective attachment to criminal activity has ultimately started a regressive literary atmosphere where the implied emphasis revol

This “pointing-of-the-fingers” at Street Lit as a major contributor to high-risk educational behavior with a higher-than-expected literary mortality rate must be understood within the higher literary process at work. Knocked around the universe of urban lit as a cultural step-child whose primary function in society is to produce thugs and video vixens, Street Lit, despite these vicious attacks is not dead yet. And there is a good reason for its survival.

Literary fiction, and other mainstream genres as well, pat themselves on the back for inventing, producing, and providing the world with characters who are the movers and shakers of literate America. Yet, when you strip away the achievements of these literary gladiators what you will find is that they have destroyed the very fabric and soul of American literature. Strip off the garb of this type of so-called quality literature and you will come face-to-face with the naked truth: the emotional detachment wrought by such writing is the leading proponent of the literary decay in writing. It is this type of writing that allowed for the hardening of man’s literary artery.

This is not to say that Street Lit heals. What this genre does offer is a transformative experience that directs a reader’s mind towards a pleasure that literary fiction snatched away. How can dead writings reward mankind? Street Lit is important is that it does more than restore the magic to the ABCs with its poor grammar and shoddy editing. It opens up new vistas that deepen our understanding and appreciation for what individual men have wrought with the God-given gift of writing. Street Lit celebrates. It is a celebration which is symbolized not by going within and knowing thyself, but in the going-out-and-the-getting-of-material-things. Literary fiction grants mankind the luxury to know himself and to ponder the puzzle of his place in the universe and to be at peace with it. Street Lit shows man the universe so that he can master it.

If Street Lit is important, it is important because it is not an literary weapon that writers employ to transform themselves into surrogate-heroes because, in so many cases, Street Lit is an urban gimmick that manipulates its authors into selling their very souls. No, it doesn’t permit its characters to smell the roses or to luxuriate in the setting or rising of the sun. When characters participate in this kind of esteemed literary behavior, they will indeed act upon the edict of doing no harm to eitherneighbor or community. This is not hardly so in Street Lit, but if urban lit is to survive as a genre, then Street Lit must be { better written} promoted on a grander scale. Ignore Street Lit and watch the decline of urban lit continue unabated.

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