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The Destruction of Black America

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The Rape of Black America

And now a word of caution for African-Americans. This is real talk. No jivin’. Over the last decades, the black community has been raped by the government in the guise of the prison/industrial complex. Young men have been snatched from black communities across the nation and fed into a prison complex that has become one of the biggest businesses in the country. And it didn’t just start.

I know that many of you watch the news and witness the “prep walk” of countless black men as they are paraded across your television screen in handcuffs and subsequently into jail. The crime of the century is not the crime the brothas committed. The crime of the century is the crime the government committed to get to the point where there is almost a million black men locked up in America.

Don’t get it twisted by the illusion of what you see on the news. Sure, there were crimes committed, but let’s look at something that may help you understand why. In my upcoming book, “The Unmaking of The Black Man” I trace the roots of this conspiracy back to its genesis, but for our purposes, I want to focus on what happened in the 60’s. Shortly after the Watts (LA) riots, and the long, hot summer of 1965 when a new more violent image of black males began to emerge. This was truly the first time black men took to the streets in rage and it frightened white America.

Without delay, the powers that be in white America jumped to action and the move to eliminate black babies sped into high gear. It was at this moment that eugenicists ushered in the concept of IQ, which was devised solely as an ulterior motive to usher into the nation’s sterilization program. But the sterilization program was only a part of the plan. The other aspect of the campaign to make sure the black man never raised up in protest again so white America went for the jugular of black America---the children.

In 1963 The Mental Retardation Facilities and Communities Health Centers Act was passed. Funded by The National Institute of Mental Health and founded by a CIA operative, Dr. Robert Felix, this program placed black schoolchildren at risk! This opened the door for “Special Education” classes. Black kids populated these classes for a reason: the government wanted to give them drugs. This was the first time psychiatrists were allowed in American schools and they happily diagnosed black kids as “emotionally disturbed” or “learning impaired”. And then fed them psychotropic drugs like they were M&Ms. But this was merely stage one. What happened next is even more shocking than mis-diagnosing healthy, black kids.

What came next was the “Violence Initiative”, but more about that in another episode. Guess what happened to the unlucky children in the Special Ed classes who were tricked into taking unneeded, mind-altering drugs? These drugs were known to cause violent, irrational behavior so the government knew that within a decade or so, they could hunt down these same kids because they were violent and irrational!

A great number of these children, once grown, had earned a referral into a mental health facility. Statistics proved that those patients, committed crimes, at twice the rate of the general population. So what you have are “made” criminals, invented by the government. A report by The African-American Coalition for Justice in Social Policy indicated that NIMH’s work was a direct cause of the sky-rocketing violence in the ‘hood. Jim Brewer of the Coalition went on to explain that most of the violence in black communities over the last four decades has been the results of experiments in the form of drug therapy and psychological school programs. He went on to say that these programs have ravaged inner cities and manufactured criminals out of young people…”

But it didn’t stop there. In 1976, when I was in federal prison, I was labeled as homicidal and quite naturally referred to the psychologist’s office. As luck would have it, both the white psychologist and I shared the same last name, (this was before I changed my name) and we had this running joke about how we could be related as his family may have owned my family during slavery. This alleged “kinship” made him sympathetic and instead of introducing me to drugs, he put me down with yoga and meditation. One day, he called me to his office, gave me some classified document to read,andlocked me in his office so I could read the paper. It was a government paper about the “rising fear of the black man and what to do about it.” To be brief, what the paper stated was that the best thing for black males was prison. The paper said that by the year 2000 (remember this was 1976) that they intended to have a vast majority of black youth confined. There’s more. They wanted to destroy black America. They also declared that in an effort to weaken the bond between sistas and brothas that they would open the doors of corporate America to black women while keeping black men shut out of employment. They felt the economic disparity in black households would doom black love. They figured that more sistas would marry white men. Was the mission a success? Sistas are in corporate America like never before and brothas are in prison like never before.

Still not convinced. Ever heard of the “Kash 4 Kids” program. A few years ago, judges in Pennsylvania were busted for taking money from prison contractors in exchange for juveniles to fill the prisons that were being built. A lot of innocent juveniles got set up.

Now, that they had all these brothas locked up, the emphasis became on how to further benefit from them. The saga expanded. Prisons became the hottest commodity on the stock market as every corporation wanted to establish a presence inside a prison. Did you know that IBM, Revlon, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, as well as Victoria’s Secret have plants inside of prison? Now, with these billion dollar companies in on the act, the push to put even more people in prison sky-rocketed. It is these companies that control a lot of prison policy. Check this out. When I was In the federal pen In Atlanta, there had been a gang war. The warden placed the prison on lockdown for everyone’s safety. After a few days, one of the corporate sponsors called the warden and told him that he had a million dollar contract and that they wanted their products done. The next day, we were off lock-down! Damn, what the warden thought. Damn, everyone's safety. There was work to be done in the factory.

If this interests you, read my new novel, When I Say Jump, to find out more about the government’s effort to imprison black men. It is a fictionalized account (or is it) of how every major hospital in the country participates in a government-sponsored lottery where one out of every four black male babies called “puppets” are placed in this lotto where there are selected by government agents who use mental conditioning to get them ready for prison by the age of sixteen. The book by Gibran Tariq can be found on Amazon.com. http://bit.ly/whenisayjump

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Man after reading a couple of your posts I didn't realize who you were until now: http://aalbc.com/authors/tariqandjones.htm I see you are still at it with a vengeance!

Also, make it easy for folks; always provide a link when you post info about one of your books. Though I suspect anyone who read this post all the way to the end, would take the extra effort to find you book if they liked what they read. At any rate, here is a link folks can use to get your book on Amazon: http://bit.ly/whenisayjump


I hear what you are saying Gibran. In fact I remember all the press, back in the 80's about the pending emergence of a "Super Predator" the psychopathic, cock diesel Black male criminal that was gonna steal your money and rape your women.

I grew up in Harlem and I remember how bad the crime was. People were getting mugged left and right, Drugs were rampant, etc, etc. The people in the community wanted something to be done. So when tough drug laws came into effect a lot of people where happy, sad to say, to see some Black men go away for a while.

Of course people were reacting to an immediate crisis and were unaware of the broader implications of the tactics utilized -- Who gives a crap about the longer term societal implications of locking up Black men on a massive scale when you can't walk down the street without fearing for you life.

Fast forward two decades and the Black community is worse off than ever before. Sure the streets of Harlem are safer than they have been in the last 40o years, but those streets are increasing trod by wealthy white folks. While Black male unemployment here is better than 50%. Many of the brothers are not only unemployed but realistically the are unemployable -- no education, few skills, criminal records... A disastrous situation for the community..

Now what?

The schools are in a shambles, Wall street has taken what little wealth we had through shitty loans, health care is a luxury, and there are no decent paying jobs for folks who did not go to college, the criminal justice system is busting at the seams with Brothers, we are losing independent Black media platforms at an alarming rate and Black leadership (including Mr. Obama), is largely ineffective -- seemingly unable to make a dent in this catastrophic trend.

What is the answer?

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Black leadership is ineffective because those leaders ultimately are following the agenda of the powers that be. In essence, the Black leaders have NO power. I'm willing to bet that they don't even realize this until they are actually IN their positions...then they get it. But by then, what can they do? Tell us? Nah...they don't say it...they just keep going with the flow and doing their jobs & getting their paychecks. After all, they have families to support. Further, we don't know how dangerous some of these ppl at the top are. To expose the truth could be equivalent to signing a death warrant...and many of these Black leaders have children. Would you leave your children behind to save a nation --- to expose the truth?

I don't know what the answer is...I have been thinking along these lines for some time now (you know, coming to accept the fact that most of what we see isn't real & all of this mess is a series of set ups...pretty much everything alidawriter said & then some) and I still can't come up w/a plausible solution.

It almost seems like if Black people want justice and equality, we need to break away & create own society...but where would we do that? This country isn't ours...I mean, it clearly isn't FOR us. And we have been REPEATEDLY shitted on here in this society---and yet, just like a woman in an abusive relationship, we keep on going back...steadily expecting & hoping that "This time it will be better." But even if we collectively decided that enough is enough and that we want out of this cycle, where else would we go? And even if we had somewhere to go, who is going to pay for this ish? And since I can't answer those questions, my brainstorming session usually ends.

Any other suggestions?

p.s. Makes me wonder where we'd be if we had just remained segregated...but it still would have been a mess because this COUNTRY (this CORPORATION) is not for us. They've been making that clear from day one. Even if we had our own successful towns and minded our own businesses, they would have bulldozed them & run us off (Greenwood, OK/Black Wall Street). And of course speaking of that will make me think of what happened to the Native Americans...Sigh. It's just so effed up...the type of beast we have been dealing with for generations. It's overwhelming. And their children's children are now continuing their legacy, in underhanded sort of ways to the point where folk don't even see it happening right under their noses.

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As long as we are deluded into thinking of things in terms of good and bad and justice and injustice, we will remain frustrated. Randomness permeates life. Negative and Positive are opposing forces that simply exist. And forget religion. Any time you have an 10-point agenda that neglects to say: thou shalt not enslave one another, then something is amiss. The Almighty lit the fuse of the Big Bang and has let the chips fall where they may. How obvious can that be??? Man is in control of his own destiny.

Talk is cheap no matter how eloquent it is. Having said that, here's my 2 cents.

Perhaps the solution lies in evolution, and the survial of the fittest will eventually kick in. As long as black losers keep replicating themselves they are doomed to become extinct. Fortunately all Blacks are not losers and they will find ways to survive. And all white peole are not winners so their ranks will also be thinned out. At some point it will not be about black and white but about a new breed who because they are descended from survivors will figure out that classism doesn't work and that society will eventually have to be simplified and layered in such a way that everybody contributes to the good of all by doing what it is that each one does best. - a Utopian world that will come about only through the process of evolution. Something to ponder since nothing else seems to provide direction. :wacko:

In the meantime, we are now in the age of the individual. Each person has to figure out his own way of coping and getting by following his own moral compass. Good intentions are wishful thinking. One cannot carry the race on one's back. Obama has proven this. :huh:

Of course none of this matters because come December 27th we'll all be tiny particles in space, floating around the universe. :lol:

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Oh, one more thing...to really make you say hummmmmm....

Some ppl say that the human race in general is nothing more than a virus...just another cycling of life & that as such, eventually we will need to be cleansed (maybe at the end of 2012? :P ) so that nature can recover from our rampant path of consumption & destruction.

When you think about that, the race thing seems kind of - well, insignificant. Don't get me wrong, I definitely still recognize the race thing as a valid issue, but I'm just saying...in the grand scheme of things...

Am I getting too far off subject? If so, my bad. My mind tends to drift from time to time...and I promise you I'm sober! :)

Here's an interesting article about the coral reefs & how they are an important part of our ecosystem, and how they are being destroyed. So when you think of that & other environmental issues, we very well might not need to worry about how to put the Black race back together or ahead or whatever...bc we are all on our way out of here anyway:


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Thank, Brotha Troy for the link. After spending countless hours on the computer, I still am not computer literate. I sincerely appreciate your help, but you have been doing that since around 2002 when I was still locked up and trying to "get my feet wet." Sadly, I am still just as lost now as I was then. I still laugh at the cover of The Root of All Evil. That was a cost-costing measure that failed. You were honest and told us that the cover would hurt the book. My writing partner, Greg Jones is still locked up. I think he has been in for about 25 years now.

Thanks to the others who responded to the post. I will offer other thoughts later

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Gibran (Alidawriter), that is since 1997 Brother -- don't short me :-) Trust me, if you managed to find your way to these boards and make a post you are doing pretty good. Keeping up with all this technology, social media, and the changing landscape of media, that about 1/2 of my day -- diverting valuable time from publishing content and developing the website.

Writergirl your first response really resonated with me, so very sad...

I do believe the answer will come over time was we, all of humanity, evolves (as Cynique says) into something beyond the barbaric children we are today. Sure there are glimmers of hope as some individuals demonstrate higher levels of consciousness. But the handful of monsters in control exert much more influence.

I suspect humanity will ultimately prevail, but the time frames will be measured in 1,000s of years.

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