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I take it back


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Remember just before Christmas when I said Santa was bringing me a Kindle but I was unsure if I really wanted one? Well, it’s taken a couple of months but I’m liking it! It’s still not pretty like a book but the convenience of carrying a 500+ page book in my purse along with LOTS of other books just waiting for me to read – SCORE!

I got the Kindle Reader and the giftor acknowledged that the Fire would be overkill for me and I crocheted a cover for it so it wouldn’t be quite so ugly.

Next up – some sort of ‘smart phone’ I guess. Not that I really need one but I’m tired of telling folks to stay out of my business when they talk about my antique flip-top phone. Santa, are you listening? :P


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Hey Crystal! I got my Kindle too and wasn't sure if I would like it. Now I love it, for all the reasons you mentioned. And don't even get me started on my phone! It's a tiny little old school nokia music phone with cracked buttons and chipped sides. I've had it forever. It's so small that when I bring it out in public people say, "Oh my gawd is that a - a - a phone???" But I love my little phone (I drop it almost every day and it still works), although now I'm starting to get carpal tunnel syndrome of the thumb from texting on the little thing.

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