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I think I had better chill for a minute with my posts but wanted to get this parting shot in. The Root of All Evil is about a fact that many are already aware of. It deals with what happened in 1933 in this country. That was the year America went bankrupt. They owed money to the Illuminati and other international bankers. The country had no gold or silver left so when the international bankers wanted their money and there was none, America had to cough up some collateral. The President declared a national emergency and a meeting was held for all the governors from all the states. They had to come up with a plan to save the country. They had to pay back their foreign investors But what would they use for collateral? America was bankrupt and the bankruptcy was declared in 1933, the same year the issuing of birth certificates became mandatory. Know why? Because the governors of all the states at that meeting put the people of their respective states up as a pledge!

There was a major problem with this because the governors, the state governments could only act in behalf of their own residents in their public capacity which meant, technically, that they lacked the vested authority to pledge individuals. However to satisfy the constitutional mandate that no person could be held in bondage, it became necessary to forge a binding link between the human property and the creditors. What came about then is the ingenious invention of the birth certificate which was the instrument used to hold the people in pledge for a debt so the country could get out of bankruptcy.

To make a long story short, at birth your birth certificate is registered with The Department of Commerce and used as security against the debt that has not yet been repaid to this day. That is the reason why we pay taxes. The taxes on your home, your property, your wages all go towards the debt of this country. Sounds like a joke, doesn't it?

. The birth certificates

are packaged in mass bulks and today a single

birth certificate is endorsed for one million dollars,

that’s up from about $600,000.00 back in ‘33. When

a birth certificate is registered with The Department

of Commerce, it is endorsed by no less than 17 foreign

nations. Sounds fantastic, I know, but it’s true. Do some research and see for yourselves or read my book The Root Of All Evil" http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007DBVVM0

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Jeeze. Really strange. I was born in 1933, not in a hospital but at home in a small town which is a suburb of Chicago. I have my birth certificate and it designates that it was recorded by the clerk of cook county and registered with the bureau of vital statistics. Interesting to find out that I am collateral. My older brother and 2 sisters, who were all born in Chicago in the years 1922, 1924, 1927 respectively, all had their original birth certificates which were issued in these years and stamped with the seal of Cook county. ?????

The Depression was in full swing in 1933 and Franklin Delano Roosevelt had just been elected to office. It was also the year Prohibition was repealed and when National Recovery Act went into effect introducing all of the social programs such as the Public works administration (PWA) and the TWA and the CMTC camps for young males, and also when workers were fanned out over the country to record the slave narratives. All kinds of projects and programs originated back then including .the Social Security Administration which came into being.in 1937.

I know the Masons were very instrumental in the founding of this country but I didn't know America was ever in debt to the lluminati. Hummmmm.

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Strange things were happening in those years. The foreign bankers that owned the debt was not the Illuminati as people refer to them today, but a group of international bankers, just the same. I know you are familiar with the Rothschilds who were a part of the cabal.

Another question that arises from this mess is the question of our citizenship. Are blacks true citizens? That is what The Moors from The Moorish Science Temple always talk about. The 14th Amendment was powerless to confer citizenship upon us. We were supposed to have been allowed to choose our citizenship just like incoming immigrants do who choose to become Americans,. We were never permitted this choice. In essence, it was just as illegal to impose citizenship upon a people as it was illegal to impose slavery upon a people. The law at the time of our emancipation declared that only residents of a state could be legal citizens. We were never residents of any state. We were property! Therefore without the residency requirement, we were made citizens of the federal government. All citizens have the right to vote, yet for us, they have to renew the Voting Rights Acts every few years or so. That never happens for whites.

In any event, take care.

Oh yes, there is also the issue of the "Straw Man" which needs to be talked about. It was as much a part of 1933 as anything else. Your straw man is your name in all CAPS, capital letter, which is very different to the powers that be than your name written or signed otherwise.

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LOL. How did you find out all of this info??? Did you sneak into the archives in the tunnels under the capitol building or climb up into the Washington monument and explore all the secret passages there??

FDR was always accused of knowing that the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor and the reason that he did nothing to prevent it was because a war would mobilize the countyry and be good for the economy.

Also its been claimed that the foundling fathers were not Chrisitians but deists and agnostics and very much into astronomy.

There are mystical overtones to all of this. There is obviously more to this country than meets the eye.....

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When I first started snooping around to find info about this government I was surprised at what I was reading. But after I thought about it, the shadiness doesn't seem far fetched at all. You take a few core people who happened to figure out a way to get a little money and power...and what are they going to do? They are going to try to make sure their kids carry on what they started. Most parents want their children to accomplish even more than what they have. That's going to mean different things for different people. If you get a group of greedy people meeting behind closed doors and those people figure out a way to dupe people (and their children & their children's children, etc) into trusting them and their doctrine, then before you know it you have a whole country of citizens who have been hoodwinked...And we think that the race thing is the biggest problem. Ha! That's just one piece of a big old twisted puzzle. Oh the trickery! :ph34r: Shame shame shame. And then they push the Bible off on folk to give them something to believe in and continue the brainwashing tactics. Uh oh...did I just say that? lol

The rabbit hole really does go deep over here in this country. It's crazy...And the STRAWMAN...that still confuses me...I get where it started and what they did it for, but I don't understand how to undo it. Maybe there is no way. Strange and unusual and all right under our noses.

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There is a way to undo your straw man. it is called Redemption and it is where you redeem your sovereignty and reclaim your rights as ruler over yourself and all your assets. There is a paper you can file for this purpose. It is a UCC-1 filing. Google up the UCC and you will get a look at what is really going on. The rabbit hole does go deep

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