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I just lanuched a Manuscript Editing Service: http://aalbc.it/bookeditor

AALBC.com's Manuscript Editing Service

With AALBC.com's Manuscript Editing Service we will critique your manuscript or completed book for problems in:

  • Plot: The storyline should take place through a series of events that are based on cause and effect.
  • Character Development: Believable characters are three dimensional.
  • Dialogue: Each line of dialogue should reveal character or advance the plot.
  • Pace: A novel should move at a certain pace depending upon genre.
  • Theme: What specific message are you trying to communicate with your book.
  • Copy Editing: We will check for typos and errors in spelling and grammar.

Sample Critique #1: This author had a firm grasp of the craft of writing. With this particular author it was simply a matter of polishing what was already a solid manuscript. (Click to read the complete critique)

Sample Critique #2: This author had problems with character development, motivation and dialogue. (Click to read the complete critique)

Learn more about this service.

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