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Toni Morrison's New Book: Home

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I reference a well done interview with Toni Morrison in my latest eNewsletter: http://aalbc.it/newsmay2012

Please let us know what you think about Morrison's latest. There seemed to be a lot less coverage of this book (in the Black media) compared to her previous work.

Morrison's work debutes at #9 on the NY Times BestSeller's List

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I will indeed and I will also check the interview out. (Thanks!)

Perhaps the book would have enjoyed the coverage that it deserves had it not been published smack dead in the middle of the post racial society era. Perhaps the book is just much more "inconvenient" than it is dated.

However, I remember very clearly our beloved elder saying that the older she gets, the more she says just what she feels. I think that a book written by an African American woman who says just what she feels, a woman who has lived through the Jim Crow era and can cite parallels between what she saw in the past and what she is seeing in the present, a book in which she shares these parallels with a nation that will not remember what she cannot forget, a nation, also, that will not see what they are looking at.... well... I think that a book like this is not exactly the flavor of the day in this post racial era.

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