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Vaginal Cutting...and the SWEDE CAKE controversy

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Hi Kola,

A few days ago (23rd) I ran across your piece at someone blog. On the same day someone posted a similar article, but they were justifying the "cake" and the artist. So I posted a link to your post. Here's the link. Maybe you'll stop by. http://blogs.indiewire.com/shadowandact/fa120ad0-8cf8-11e1-bcc4-123138165f92

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Unfortunately, I do not at all find the responses from many of the "let's be openminded about this art" crew at all surprising. It's sad, but true that many of us are exploited out of our very minds. What can be expected when many of the same people will probably tell you that "The Help" was a good, lighthearted movie and that they saw no problem with it as it "was reflective of that particular era"... What can be expected when many of our people will jump to correct you about cases such as those of Stephen Lawrence or Trayvon Martin, saying that people are trying to "racialize" such issues...but I digress.

It is the training that is a legacy of slavery and colonization which not only lets others piss on our feet and tell us that it is raining, but which also will make us jump to defend those who are pissing on our feet against all that say, "It is not raining, they are pissing on your feet!" The training says that the ice of others is much colder than the ice of our own and we neglect our own and rush to buy the "colder ice". The training says that the story of others has the most truth than our own unless the others say otherwise. It's sad...but true. Many of us hold many degrees yet seek validation from others constantly. Some of us are seen as "divisive" when we recognize and point this out.

The explanation by this artist was something that I really hope that even my 3 year old niece would see through, yet it seemed to fly with some and even gain "support". That artist was as sincere as Hilary Clinton was when she apologized to Barack Obama for her behavior during her run for president and that "cake" was an artistic statement just as much as a burning cross is an artistic statement... but then again, you let enough "authorities" put an artistic spin on the idea of lynching and it might not be long before the descendants of such a horrific legacy start advocating the need to look at it with an "open mind" (OR ELSE be considered "divisive" in this postracial society, dear Gawd, no!).

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