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Changa's Safari: A Sword and Soul Adventure.

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Fayetteville, GA January 24, 2011 – MVmedia, an African American publishing company located in Metro Atlanta, releases author Milton Davis’s third novel, Changa’s Safari an African based fantasy, on February 1, 2011. Changa’s Safari represents a serious addition to the growing genre of Sword and Soul and establishes Milton Davis as one its major voices.

Changa’s Safari is the first of four novels chronicling the adventures of Changa Diop, a 15th century Swahili merchant and adventurer. Driven from Kongo, his homeland, as a boy, Changa grows into an accomplished fighter and excellent merchant. His journeys take him to the Middle Kingdom of China, the Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagar and back to Africa to fulfill a promise made long ago, the promise to free his people and claim his seat as ruler of Kongo. Changa’s Safari II is scheduled for release winter 2011.

MVmedia was established in 2007 to provide fantasy and science fiction novels with black characters to the growing African American reading market. Changa’s Safari is the third result of this effort. Meji Book One and Meji Book Two, are now available.

For more information on Changa’s Safari visit www.mvmediaatl.com. To order copies of Meji, contact Milton Davis at 770-851-1306 or mv_media@bellsouth.net

Changa’s Safari can also be purchased from Ingram Distribution at 55% off list price. Books are returnable.

Changa’s Safari: ISBN No. 978-0-9800842-



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