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I had a 3-hour lunch with Cynique

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First Yvette, then Troy, and now the latest AALBC-er I've been privileged to meet in the flesh: Cynique!

She's as smart, lively, and no-holds-barred in person as she is on these boards. Thanks for a great time, Connie! xo

I was fun hooking up with ya, FK. You got it goin on, girl! :)

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Ok I'm jealous.

But FK can you say that you've met Thumper, Yukio, or ABM even, dare I say... Kola Boof! tongue.gif

OK i was joking aboiut ABM I've never met him.

Nope, you hold the record, Troy! :-)

Btw, I'm going to be in MD again soon; I'll let you know the dates and maybe we can connect again.

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