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How could you recommend Elijah Muhammad's preachings when you are so appalled by black hypocritical ministers who commit adultery and father children with different woman and live large off the hard-earned money of their cookie-cutter congregations, boitumelo?

Whatever any member of the clergy has written about "god" and black folks, has a hollow ring to it considering how forsaken this race of people has been. Still struggling, still deprived. And declaring such things as Jesus being a black man only raises the question as to why he has let black folks down so bad. Meanwhile, the blue-eyed devils are still kickin butt. God ain't thinkin about nobody. He sparked our creation, and endowed us with powers that only need to be tapped, and then he kept on truckin. However, I'm sure he - or she - or whoever is excited and proud of the scientists who have just pinned down the "god" particle, -and is amused that I have appointed myself as his spokesman. :P

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