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Didn't Last a Week on Twitter

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Writegirl, twitter is for children (younger people). I can't think of a single reason, other than self promotion, why an adult would be on it. But that is my opinion.

Many people use twitter like a sophisticated text messaging system and communicate with each other using tweets. For some Twitter is a more effective means of communication than email. Again this is benefit to youngsters.

Of course in our celebrity driven culture many people are starstruck and follow celebrities. They derive a great deal of pleasure reading something a celebrity has written.

To a lessor extent businesses can engage with customers, deal with complaints, promote specials, etc. Of course Twitter is not the most efficient way of doing this but it is used for this purpose, because so many people are on twitter.

  • If it were not for AALBC.com I would not be on Twitter
  • Twitter will need to figure out a way to make money are they will go away. I can't think of a revenue model that will work for them over the long term.
  • People making the most money off Twitter are the consultants who tell people how to use it
  • I agree tweeting can be a big waste of time -- unless you are a celebrity, self promoting

The following graph is indicative of the relative impact I've realized using various method of reaching people for AALBC.com. Twitter is typically the least effective in terms of actions (in this case taking a survey).

Twitter is fleeting -- you need to tweet the same message often to get the same impact as facebook. Many automate the generation of repetitive tweets.

The vast majority who read your tweet are not going to follow a link. I just emailed my enewsletter so the full impact will not be realized for days the emails have a long self life,

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Would it be too far-fetched to declare that Twitter and the latest IPhone go hand-in-hand because they represent the early stages of a cilvilization that is headed for a breakdown in human interaction? These devices provide their owners with total control and facilitate their withdrawing into their own little private universes. Aiding and abetting this is the growing popularity of physical make-overs that allow people to morph into avatars. The way things are going, what will this world be like 25 years from now??? :blink:

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Cynique, that is it in a nut shell. Social media platforms allow you to exert complete control; someone says something you don't like -- block 'em. Even the information is filtered. You only see the stuff which is not likely to go counter to your world view. Even your own persona is carefully scripted and crafted -- to either evoke the most envy or sympathy.

I can't tell you how many times I've sat at a "table of 10", at some function, and half the people were engrossed in the smart phones.

25 years!? Look at the world now.

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