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Things I Can Do Without


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Unless you're blind and deaf it's hard to avoid life's little aggravations delivered to you on a daily basis courtesy of the media in all of its forms. This is the motivation for me letting my pet peeves out of their cage.

The top 10 things that make my eyes roll upward

  1. The gloating eagerness of celebrity moms to reveal how quickly they’ve regained their slim figures after relieving themselves of the baby bumps they were equally anxious to show off to an indifferent world.

  2. So called “right-to-life" zealots who don’t realize that, by applying their warped standards, a female’s expelling of an unfertilized egg every month is the equivalent of an abortion. ( An example of what can be concluded when one group imposes its beliefs on another.)

  3. Black Americans who wear the synthetic Rasta dread locks that are exhibitionist rather than significant. At least weaves are indigenous of the ghetto-fabulous culture.

  4. The food nazis who take the joy out of living by telling you everything you like to eat is bad for you, hoping to turn you into a stomach-growling label reader. Or worst yet, a smug vegan.

  5. Making a big deal of coming out of the closet. Who cares how you prefer to “get it on”? It’s not as if straight couples can’t make-out in bed the same way as Gays do.

  6. The way public officials regularly embezzle huge amounts of taxpayer’s dollars, living lavish life styles until they are caught and given a slap on the wrist. Because they are perpetrators of white collar crimes they are apparently deemed less guilty than petty drug dealers doing 10 years in prison for selling weed.

  7. How boring wedding dresses all look. Brides nowadays seem to have no more imagination than to choose the same style of wedding dress as everyone else; a sleeveless, strapless gown designed to show a lot of skin while featuring the requisite heart-shaped bust-line that squashes your bulging boobs.

  8. Dufus comedian Steve Harvey’s limited range of common knowledge that is exposed every time he’s surprised when a contestant’s answer matches the survey on Family Feud.

  9. Angelina Jolie, who looks like a poster girl for anorexia, concerning herself with world hunger and needy children while dragging that rag-tag brigade of waifs around accompanied by a deer-in-the-head-lights-Brad Pitt.

  10. Politicians instructing God to “bless America”, the implication being that this be done while kicking the rest of the god-damned world to the curb.



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Oh Jesus! Numbers 9 and 10 got my stomach hurting and my eyes watering from giggle tears! I love it!

Let me go ahead and just add to the list:

11. Good Day Chicago's "what's trending now" reports (like we don't have the Internet and like yahoo isn't already plastering these stories all over their homepage).

p.s. I do like the animal & cute baby videos though! :)

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What passes for "news" on TV never ceases to amaze, me either, writergirl. After a certain time the reports are simply recycled and are more like the "olds".

I could make watching highlights of the debate between Biden and Ryan #12 on on the list of "things that make my eyes roll upward", except that - the bickering between these 2 just made my eyes go out of focus. First "Slick Willie Clinton" and now "Shoot-from-the-hip-Biden" have had to come to the rescue of the Democrats. OK, Barack "Al Green" Obama, it's your turn to impress an audience.

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Last night's debate was complete garbage.

Biden (also a Syracuse University graduate) had a distinct advantage of age and experience over Ryan. But he completely squandered that advantage failing to understand the difference between "aggression and strength" a distinction pointed out in an op-ed in today WSJ.

I could not even watch the whole debate. Biden was too condescending and they both were just going back and forth making statement directly in conflict with each other. So unless we can determine which one is lying -- what is the point of even watching.

I wish they would stop calling these debates. In an actual debate you need to be able to substantiate a statement.

Re: smug vegans. A comedian suggested that he would like to have a vegetarian cook a special plate of food just for him with meat. I always cater to people who don't eat pork or meats -- rarely it is the favor reciprocated when they host.

Re: Politicians instructing God to “bless America” - I wish politicians would just take "God" out of their vocabularies they are often the most ungodly people walking around -- indeed it may be a requirement for political success.

Re: Dufus comedian Steve Harvey’s limited range of common knowledge. 'Nuff said.

No, that is not fair. I take that back. How about our elevating the thoughts of comedians, rappers and other celebrities on various subjects above people who actually studied a given subject -- whether it is politics, relationship, or even pop culture.

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How about our elevating the thoughts of comedians, rappers and other celebrities on various subjects above people who actually studied a given subject -- whether it is politics, relationship, or even pop culture.

Good point! Reminds me of something Kevin Hart said while accepting an acting award. I don't remember which awards show it was, but I want to say it aired on BET. I recall that in his acceptance speech he jokingly said something like "I'm up against Denzel Washington, and y'all give the award to me?" People laughed, but he had a point.

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"I wish they would stop calling these debates. In an actual debate you need to be able to substantiate a statement" HEllO! These "debates" are more like closing arguments to a jury.

The whole set-up reminds me of the adage "The best lawyers are not the ones who submit the most truths and facts, it's the ones who tells the most compelling lies in a truthful and convincing fashion".

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Have you noticed 2 words that are being tossed around a lot, Troy? Now people speak about "half-truths" and "factoids". Nobody bothers with absolutes any more. Arguments are regularly made which incorporate selected info to make a desired point..

Quantum physics are being translated into the human dynamic. In quantum physics, looking at an object brings it into focus but things change when you're not looking at it. Viewing something with your eyes integrates it. Looking away disintegrates it. The nature of reality is elusive. Subjectivity and objectivity have become abstract.

I sometimes wonder if this world just exists in the whimsical imagination of a Higher Intelligence To me, contemplating this is more stimulating and mindboggling than who will be the next POTUS. :o

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Actually Leonard Pitts wrote and article about truth recent recently:

"The point here — this cannot be overemphasized — is not ideology. Rather, it is about the fact that
we cannot effectively debate ideology if we do not have a body of facts in common

Under such circumstances, political discourse must devolve into incoherence. We cannot discuss what color to paint the room if we cannot agree on what constitutes red or green — or the room. We literally have no shared language with which to even have the discussion.

This is the legacy of the War on Reality. Some of us live under a new ethos, fueled and abetted by Fox, the Internet and talk radio, which holds that facts are optional and reality, multiple choice — and that anyone who questions this is part of the conspiracy against you. The results have not been pretty. When, in the history of American political discourse, have conservatives — some, not all — seemed more paranoid, put-upon and ready to believe themselves the victims of outlandish plots?"

The whole article)

The bold face text is really what thwarts many conversations.

Arrogant ignorance is bad. People who don't know a given fact but are too stupid to know they don't know but feel perfectly justified arguing something the don't understand.

Lying is worse. Where you argue a point you know is wrong. This is what makes the debates so worthless. The candidates will say anything they want -- even completely conflicting things. You know someone is lying, but you don;t have enough information to know who is lying. Obama supporters believe Obama and Romney supporters believe Romney.

I don't believe either of them.

As far as quantum physics that is some real spooky stuff and FAR more interesting than the presidential debates :-)

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/10/09/3042190/the-unemployment-rate-and-gops.html#storylink=cpy

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