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Leonard Pitts, Jr. - Pulitzer Prize winning commentator and novelist


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Leonard Pitts, Jr..

Thankfully one of my eNewsletter subscribers turned me on to Leonard Pitt's latest novel "Freeman". Pitts' is an excellent writer and I have no problem going out on a limb and recommending his latest -- without ever having read it. Sounds crazy, but Pitts is that good.

I have to admit that I'm astonished that I have not heard a single thing about this book, other than the email I got today. Actually I'm not really surprised at all, mostly disappointed and frustrated.

In 2012 a guy who runs a website, arguably "the" website, on Black books can go completely unaware, for half a year, that a writer of Leonard Pitts' caliber has published a novel of historical fiction (love really) about newly free black people trying to reconstitute their families.

Over time I see more and more evidence that despite all this social media real information is not being shared. Any real information shared is crowded out by nonsense.

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I've been reading Leonard Pitts Jr's commentary for several years. Specifically his newspaper column (always loved them). However, not until reading this post, did I know anything else about the man. I certainly didn't know he was Pulitzer prize winner.

Giving one's "opinion" in a column is quite different than writing a novel, however, like you Troy,based on his "voice", writing style and his ability to engage me, I will have to check out his latest offering.

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