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Implicit in almost every post on this site is the underlying message that It's hard being black; not only in America, but throughout the world. Just as white skin is an "entitlement", " it can be argued that "colored" skin is a burden. If I were a rapper I'd spit out some verses about this. Instead I'll just spill out some thoughts.

As an African American, no matter what your circumstances are, your race is always a factor that puts you at a disadvantage even when the playing field is leveled to allow you to advance despite inadequate qualifications.

I repeat: It's hard being black. Is this how it was meant to be? White people seem to be genetically equipped to dominate, oppress, and seize power. That's an explanation, but it offers little consolation. Blacks are supposed to be more spirtual. Which I guess is why they are haunted by bad luck spooks, They also suffer from mass frustration, a side-effect of having to maintain a dual identity.

To cope with being relegated to the bottom of the heap, out of desperation, long suffering negroes continue to cling to the hope that God willl grant them their reward in the hereafter. Lord have mercy.

Meanwhile, atheistic China has ascended to a position of world leadship, leaving the options of Buddhism and Taoism for those seeking an inner peace that they don't have to go to heaven to attain. Still, Blacks keep on praying and thumping the Bible, all the while ignoring the intriguing interpretations about the black race being descended from Noah's son Ham who, as a punishment for laughing at his naked father, was marked with the skin color that cursed his lineage. Preferring to adopt the biblical references to homosexuality being an abomination, black believers gloss over the possibility that God couldn't care less about their unfair lot in life. Noah did his thing.So be it.

To add insult to injury, presidetial candidate Mitt Romney is a member of the Mormon church which has never had any respect for Blacks, considering them unfit for leadership. But all those white Christians who in the past rejected Mormonism are now willing to tolerate it, and if Obama loses, it will be because the majority of white people do not want to be ruled by a black man and that is what matters most to them.

All religion aside, the scientific mathmatical law of averages says that at some point chronic losers will win. So in the upcoming election will the fluke that got Obama elected repeat itself? Will things turn around so that race won't matter and things won't be so hard??? Maybe. But I wouldn't bet on those odds. A re-elected black president's blackness might still prevent him from being a successful winner. Because it's hard being black

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Will things turn around so that race won't matter and things won't be so hard??? Maybe. But I wouldn't bet on those odds.

I wouldn't either. In another post (I think it was started by Troy), the topic was Extinction of the Black Man. Guess what I'm watching? DL Hughley's Endangered Species List. Hope you guys can catch it.

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