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The naughty little fantasy of a white suburban house wife, coninues to pay off as the "50 Shades of Gray" series maintains its bestseller status. :huh:

Also entering the list of top sellers is a mainstream book by the author of the Harry Potter's series. It's not enough that she made a billion dollars writing about a bespeckled boy wizard, now she's cleaning up with a novel about a bunch of odd balls. There just aint no justice in this world. Year, after year, authors like Stephen King, John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Dannielle Steele, Sue Grafton, James Patterson, just to name a few, come out with a book that their fans snap up. What do black folks get? A obligatory book by Toni Morrison every few years, or an autobiography by a controversial black celebrity, aTeri McMillan retread, an Eric Jerome Dickey yawner. <_<

From what I hear, the notorious "50 Shades of Gray" series is an overrated, poorly-written book about sexual bondage, a practice that the average black person would dismiss as stupid activity engaged in by freaky white people; more boring than shocking. Being a sex slave lost its uniquess to black women a few centuries ago. :angry:

I was thinking what kind of a sex book would be shocking to make black readers run out and buy it? Zane 's stuff is racy but old hat now. I have an idea in my head and if I was younger I'd put forth the the effort to get it out there. I'm thinking about just dictating it into a tape recorder and letting somebody else type it up, then I'd revise and edit the draft. I can see the headlines now. Senior Citizen Pens Provocative Sex Romp. :rolleyes:

Actually, someone could shock readers by writing a book about a virile black guy who is faithful to his fiancee because she is so attractive and intelligent and charming and supportive and sensual that the meoooow of strange pussy has no effect on this cat. Shocking, indeed! :o

Slow day. :P

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