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I guess black preachers have forgiven Obama for approving of same sex marriage if they're urging their congregations to vote. Ministers are always in cahoots with politicians.

Hypocrisy does not discriminate. The biggest offender of all is a white pastor. The Pope! He lives in splendor and harbors sex offenders and tries to control women.

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Since the beginning of Western history the religious leaders have been in cahoots with the political and military leaders of society to control the people.

It's a three pronged approach...

Those they can't control by persuasion (politics) or by force (military) are controlled by appealing to their morality or sense of reward/punishment after death (religion).

Having said that, if the White so-called evangelical Christians can get behind Romney and support him and other Republicans then I think Black Christians have an obligation to represent their interests in the church and let the world know that White conservatives don't have a monopoly on religion and morality in America.

Whether the churches are getting money in the form of tax breaks or getting direct funding, the intention is the same and hopefully the results are too.

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