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Totally MAD: 60 Years of Humor, Satire, Stupidity and Stupidity

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Sabrina Strauss

Goodman Media International

(212) 576-2700


Time Home Entertainment Inc. and

MAD Magazine Announce For the Second Time (And

Don’t Be Surprised If They Keep Doing It Until Someone Pays Attention!)

Foreword by Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale

Includes “The Soul of MAD,”A Removable Set of 12 Classic MAD Cover Prints

New York, NY, October 1, 2012 – To celebrate MAD Magazine’s 60th anniversary, Time Home Entertainment Inc. is foolishly teaming up with MAD Magazine on Totally MAD, a new collection of the legendary humor magazine’s high-quality idiocy that is so widely un-anticipated, this overblown press release had to be issued and then reissued to call attention to it.

Totally MAD (Time Home Entertainment Inc.; $34.95) goes on sale on October 30, 2012 and will be available at retailers nationwide and http://totallymadbook.com. (The date when booksellers start slapping that giant “75% Off” sticker on the front cover obscuring the book’s title has not yet been determined.)

Organized by decade, this oversized 256-page book features some of the world’s best comedy writers, cartoonists and humorous illustrators – “The Usual Gang of Idiots” – as they have long called themselves. In addition, the book includes numbered pages for maximum reader convenience.

Totally MAD features a special foreword by long-time MAD fans Stephen Colbert and Eric Drysdale, plus five exclusive essays about MAD’s cultural impact, the origin of Alfred E. Neuman and the magazine’s history, including its landmark Supreme Court win against Irving Berlin, establishing the right to publish satirical lyrics.

As a bonus, the book features a removable set of 12 classic front covers, dubbed The Soul of MAD” by MAD Founder and Publisher William M. Gaines. Each print was selected for its uniqueness, artistic achievement and classic timelessness, and is suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

Speaking from MAD’s international headquarters in midtown Manhattan, MAD Editor John Ficarra said, “I’m on the other line ordering Chinese food. I’ll call you back.” (Ficarra never returned the call.)

Totally MAD includes such favorites as:

  • Spy vs. Spy
  • Al Jaffee’s MAD Fold-in
  • Sergio Aragonés’ A MAD Look At…
  • David Berg’s The Lighter Side of…
  • Outrageous artwork of Don Martin and Tom Bunk
  • Movie and TV satires by Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and Tom Richmond
  • The MAD Strip Club
  • The Fundalini Pages
  • And much more

Totally MAD is the perfect gift, not just for MAD fans, but for anyone interested in pop culture, comedy, music, politics, entertainment, sports or history. In other words, absolutely everyone should buy this book. No exceptions will be tolerated!

Press Contact: Sabrina Strauss - (212) 576-2700 / sstrauss@goodmanmedia.com

Totally MAD

From Time Home Entertainment Inc. and MAD Magazine

Publication date: October 30, 2012



About MAD Magazine:

Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, MAD Magazine is America’s longest-running humor publication with that title. MAD has entertained, inspired and occasionally revolted generations of readers by satirizing politicians, celebrities, sports and pop culture. Whether in print, on television, the web or the iPad, MAD remains a cultural touchstone. MAD Magazine is part of DC Entertainment, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, though they frequently deny it.

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I was first introduced to Mad Magazine almost 40 years ago.

I grew up in Harlem. My my mother's brother picked us up and took us to his apartment complex in Hartford CT. They were the only Black family there. All of my cousins friends were white. It was the first time I'd met anyone my age that was white. For me that was quite an experience.

What was most striking however was how friendly everyone one was. In my neighborhood a daily activity was "snappin' on each other an earlier generation called it "playin' the dozens". At the time I thought the experience made one stronger, but in hindsight it mostly just lowered everyone's self-esteem. At any rate I was struck bu the differences.

A couple of the little white guys gave me things. I did not ask, they just did it. Now these guys were not loaded (I assume) as they lived in an apartment complex. You know the 2 or 3 story kinds with a community pool (I also learned to swim that summer). One of the things I was given was a buffalo head nickel. I'd never seen one before I still have it.

Another kid gave me a copy of Mad magazine. I never heard of the magazine before but I thought it was pretty cool. I still have that magazine too. For a few years I could demonstrate how cool I was by turning other people on the Mad Magazine.

Eventually I grew out of the magazine, but it continues to have meaning to me beyond the funny cartoons.

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Thanks for sharing your Tom Sawyer interlude, Troy. :)

I go waaay back with MAD magazine, too, - to the year when it first came out. Me and Alfred P. Neuman have gone through life together, asking "What? Me Worry?" :rolleyes:

It shouldn't come as a surprise that I loooove satire. MAD was the best when it came to lampooning pompous people and self-aggrandizing celebs. B)

As a child, buffalo nickels were the only kind I knew of. I used to could do a coin trick that made the buffalo look like he was peeing. The native American who was the model for the heads side of this nickel was a real person and occasionally appeared in cowboy pictures.

Aaaaah, nostalgia. ^_^

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Re buffalo nickels - who knew! Does anyone still read it today is it still as good? I wonder if I picked one up today would I still feel like I've "outgrown" it.

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