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An era came to an end today. Hostess Bakeries went out of business. Another icon has bitten the dust and disappeared in a cloud of flour. Rest in peace, Twinkies and Ho-Hoes and Wonder Bread. First Romney's defeat, and now this. Another casualty for white America. What's next Miracle Whip Mayonnaise? :(

Pass the hot sauce, please. :P

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As far as I'm concerned Miracle Whip can bite the dust too. Hellman's Mayo -- accept no substitutes!

I was raised on the Wonder Bread (what a great name for the product). I stopped eating it long ago when I learned whole wheat bread was much better and I discovered fresh baked bread of various varieties tasted much better.

Besides who the hell eats Twinkies and Ho-Ho any more? When I was a child I LOVED Suzie Q's (truth be told every few years or so I'll buy a pack of Suzie Q's).

Several years ago, out of culinary curiosity, I brought a Twinkie that was battered, deep fried -- and if that was not enough it -- covered with confectioner' sugar. Honestly it was rather tasty but my rational side would not let me eat more than a bite.

I think the demise of Hostess may be a signal that America is trending toward healthier eating.

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