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Who the heck is Elias Gutierrez?

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Who the heck is "elias gutierrez"? Six of the top 10 Google searches, bringing traffic to my site yesterday was for "elias gutierrez" or some variation of that name. Each time the page from my site returned was one about the life of a famous author Bebe Moore Campbell


I went to her page and found out that Bebe's daughter Maia Campbell was married to an Elias Gutierrez. The 1st result on another search on both names was a website called celebrity hook ups. If these are all the same people, Maia is an actress who broke up Elias.


But why are all these people looking for elias gutierrez all of a sudden?



Bebe Moore Cambell

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Someone explained the query to me on Facebook:

Hi Troy, not sure if you looked this up..but here is something she said: After years of battling her addiction to crystal meth, former child star Maia Campbell is learning it only takes two words to start mending the rifts in her family: "I'm sorry."

On the November 17 episode of "Iyanla: Fix My Life," relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant supports Maia -- best known as Tiffany on the '90s sitcom "In the House" -- in apologizing to her stepfather, Ellis Gordon. "Forgive me for taking the family through so much," Maia says. "I know it hasn't been easy. It's been a rough road trying to take care of me. "

Ellis is moved to tears. "Thank you for being there and thank you for making it easier," Maia says. "I knew that I didn't belong to those places because I had someone like you to pull me up and pull me out."

I hate to say it, and I've seen it over and over, authors can attract more attention with tragedy than their book -- whata country!

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