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Peace do criticize what they never read, saw or heard...happens all the time when it comes to Urban Fiction


Perhaps, but it doesn't mean they should.
Haven't you heard you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover?



I never criticized Django...but hey, whatever makes you sleep better at night


You said:

"I'm not watching DJango on the strength that I'm tired of the theme that Blacks are subordinate or inferior to whites"

"The plot of the movie doesn’t interest me…simple as that
A superhero slave???"

If THAT ain't criticizing, it's so pungent.....it'll have to do until the REAL critique comes in the mail.



You can try to convince me to see the movie all you want, but it's not happening any time soon
Try again

I'm not trying to convince you to see the movie, that's you decision.
I'm trying to convince you to see where you are in error criticizing that which you haven't even seen and in further error in denying that you criticized it.

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The same way you "criticized" Red Hook Summer without watching the movie, right?



Then he (Spike Lee) has a movie that is supposed to come out (or maybe already has) called "Red Hook Summer" that supposedly shows preacher molesting a little Black boy.
Why would HE put crap like that out? - Pioneer
Posted on 13 January 2013 - 05:09 PM #24



Don't be a hypocrite


That ain't kosher

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The same way you "criticized" Red Hook Summer without watching the movie, right?



But I'm glad you were humble enough to admit your ignorance by putting that statement in the form of a question.

BTW didn't you try to pull that same trick last week???

Lol, it didn't work THEN and it won't work NOW.

But just incase you didn't read the response I gave you in regards to Red Hook Summer I'll post it again for you:

1. *Not criticizing Red Hook* hasn't been one of my major claims through out this dialog. So I have no incentive to deny something I never claimed in the first place.
You HAVE denied critiquing the movie while still making sweeping general statements about it as a whole.

2. No I didn't see the movie but because those who have seen it and given reviews of it have spoken and questioned Spike about the scene in which a minister molests a boy.....it has been confirmed that this is in the movie.
You haven't seen where I made sweeping general statements in praise of or in condemnation of the entire movie itself; only my opinion on Spike's decision to include that one particular scene.
So it doesn't require that I watch the entire movie for me to comment on one scene.

((Pioneer turns the hourglass upside down and sits back))

I await your next diversionary tactic, lol.

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Any response to you after this post is a mercy killing


I pity you

Mercy killing???

I have no fear of someone so egostical and shallow that even when they KNOW they are in error -instead of exiting on a peaceful note- would rather resort to pulling juvenile diversionary tactics to try to get the last word in.

People like that usually end up tripping over their own words; as you apparently have several times, lol.

I need to brush up on my defensive skillz anyway.

((eyebrows raised and head tilted to the side))

Come on wit' it..........

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