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If you want to be a leader.......

Uh, if you want people to follow you.......

Then you have to be willing and able to PROTECT them and help them when they get in trouble.

The executives of CBS told Arsenio Hall not to bring Farrkhan on and he defied them and did it anyway as an act of bold courage.

And who came to his defense when he got fired?

Who offered him another job when he got kicked off of CBS?

Now let me bring these questions right up to date with our beautiful brother in the White House.

Now many of his fiercest supporters are always asking why don't more people stand up and support the president and encourage him.

They say he wants to do this and do that, but he needs the American people to get behind him and have his "back" when he makes these moves.

Well when union workers and college kids show up at city halls and state capitals to protest right-wing policies and end up getting pepper sprayed and locked up....where is the Federal support?

Why doesn't Obama send a team of lawyers and maybe even some federal officers to swoop down and investigate and protect HIS supporters instead of letting these Republican governors run roughshod all over the damn place?

Few people will stand up and put their ass on the line for a leader who won't support them and protect them.

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