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Brooklyn Castle - the story of a chess team at impoverished Jr. HS

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One of the young ladies featured has the potential to become the 1st female African-American "Master" Chess player

Brooklyn-castle.jpgBrooklyn Castle

In Theaters: Oct 19, 2012 Limited

PG, 1 hr. 42 min.

Documentary, Special Interest

Directed By: Katie Dellamaggiore

Producers Distribution Agency

Brooklyn Castle is the remarkable and improbable true story of I.S. 318 in Brooklyn. The school, where 65% of students live below the federal poverty level, has the highest ranked junior high chess team in the nation. The heart of the film is the engaging young students who populate the team: Rochelle, who has the goal of becoming the first female African-American chess master; Pobo, the team's charismatic leader; Justus, an entering student who must manage the high expectations that come with achieving master status at an early age; Alexis, who feels the pressure of his immigrant parents' desire for him to realize the American dream; Patrick, who uses chess to help overcome his ADHD; and James, the young rapping maestro and budding chess talent; among several others.

the official website.

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Also check out this Brother in 1999 he became the 1st African America International Grandmaster. Interestedly we attended the same high school. (He started the year I left)


Maurice Ashley immigrated to New York from Jamaica at the age of twelve, only to be confronted with the harsh realities of urban life. But he found his inspiration for a better life after stumbling upon a chess book and becoming hypnotized by the game. He would eventually break the chess world's color lines by becoming an International Grandmaster in 1999. Read more

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