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Race: The Power of An Illusion- The Difference Between Us


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This is the 1st of a three part series on Race.


Last night I screened this film with a "racially" mixed, but mostly Black group of about 25 people.  During the discussion I decided to state that the government should get out of the business of tracking race.


None of the Black people who reacted agreed with me.  Of course I'm not surprised I knew the statement is tantamount to saying Obama is not a great president.


Anywho, there was a white woman who agreed with me completely.  Afterwards she approached me an explained some of the work she is doing to fight racism.  She understood that institutionalized racism exists because the government continues to hold onto it.




What was most remarkable is that after watching this film there was at least one person who still used the language of race to explain differences in people that the film so clearly renounced as an "illusion".



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