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Louis Farrakhan Responds to Accusations that He Killed Malcolm X in the Film “Betty and Coretta”

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Louis Farrakhan Responds to Accusations that He Killed Malcolm X in the Film “Betty and Coretta”



by BBD Staff

The new film, “Betty and Coretta,” explores the lives of two iconic women, Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King.  In the film, Mary J. Blige, who play’s Shabazz states that she believes that Louis Farrakhan had something to do with the death of Malcolm X.   Min. Farrakhan is obviously concerned about the allegations and does a direct interview with The Final Call to discuss the matter in more detail.   The film has been attacked by the daughters of both Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King, who say that their mothers were not properly represented.

There are also some who wonder if there is an alternative agenda presented when a movie about black historical figures is made by people who aren’t black.  Is there a consistent effort by white and Jewish-owned media to control the perceptions that black people have of their leaders?   Betty’s character, played by Mary J. Blige, has an almost obsessive interest in speaking about Louis Farrakhan, as if someone really wanted to make sure this was in the script.  Was either family consulted in detail or did they just make the film based on what they thought it would be.

T’here appears to be something more sinister going on with the film, and many of the readers of this website who’ve seen the film don’t seem to like it very much.  How would Jews feel if black people made an inaccurate film about the holocaust?  We can’t recommend seeing the movie, since most of the people we’ve spoken with on our Facebook page are not happy with the project. Maybe this film was made for white people.

But what does this say about Farrakhan?


His words below:


Question: “Why do you think Lifetime, and those who created this movie, is opening up the old wounds of The Malcolm X Murder at this time?”




‘The Jewish people behind this film have characterized Farrakhan as the “No. 1 Anti-Semite.” That was the title they gave Brother Malcolm while he was alive; now, they’ve given it to me.’


The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan (HMLF): It is because the murder of Malcolm X is still alive in the hearts and minds of many, and they wish to charge me with that crime in order to seek to destroy my reputation with the people that love and admire me. And also, to plant the seed in the hearts of those who don’t know me that I am, in fact, a “murderer.”


Question: “What do you think the motive of Mary J. Blige is in being an ‘executive producer’ when I hear that she likes you?”

HMLF: I cannot answer for Mary J. Blige except to say that when a person is famous or well-known, sometimes they will give such person “executive producer status” to add to the strength of the film.

Mary J. Blige is my friend! And nothing that’s in this movie has diminished my love and respect for her.

Question: “What would be your message to the younger generation who is watching Betty & Coretta who do not know anything about what happened, and is being educated—or, mis-educated—by Lifetime?”

HMLF: The first thing that our young people should understand, that there is no statute of limitation on “murder.”

In two years, it will be 50 years since the assassination of Brother Malcolm: At no time during these 48 years has the government opened the files on that murder of Brother Malcolm, and let the public see those files.


I have appealed to the government to open the files, so that everything in those files could be made manifest, not only to the Shabazz family, and the families of those so ill-affected by his murder—but also my family, and the lives that are constantly put in the public.


Question: “I read that the families of Betty and Coretta were not consulted about this movie. So I wanted to ask: Has the Nation of Islam ever been consulted by Hollywood related to all of these movies that attack you all?”


HMLF: I heard that they allowed members of the King and Shabazz family to look at the film after it was done. Nothing like that has ever been accorded to me and my family, since it is I that the film seems bent upon putting in the hearts and minds of the people that “Louis Farrakhan is responsible for the death of Brother Malcolm.”


Question: “So how do you finally feel being exposed that you killed Malcolm X?”


HMLF: I did not kill Malcolm X. Before too long, you will really find who is “exposed”—and it is those who want to put on me what no court, no judge, no jury, could put on me. And if my enemies had a chance to bring me before the courts, and put me in prison for such a crime, they would have done it a long time ago! No, I am not “exposed”. But the wickedness of those behind my slander will be thoroughly exposed!


Question: “Lifetime is already telling us what we already know about you. You confessed to this on 60 Minutes, so this show is only a repeat. You’re guilty, right?”


HMLF: I am not guilty of killing Malcolm X. What I said on 60 Minutes was extracted from a 4-hour interview with Mike Wallace and Attallah Shabazz.



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All I know is that it has  been nearly 50 years, which amounts to 2 generations, since Malcolm was assassinated. and older people like me actually remember this event.  Farrakhan may not have pulled the trigger. But at that time,  it was strongly believed that, as the arch enemy of Malcolm, once Malcolm had  left Elijah Muhammad's organization after becoming disillusioned with the revelations that Elijah impregnated a bunch of young Muslims girls, Farrakhan in his leadelrship role was responsible for Malcolm's death. I also remember him saying years later that it saddened him to have to be involved with Malcolm's death but it was his duty as a loyal Muslim.   


Many don't also realize that Martin Luther King did not enjoy total support from his people, especially certain ministers.  When King brought his crusdae  to Chicago for a few week stay, there was an undercurrent of resentment by all the black ministers  who enjoyed the clout that came with being a part of the plantation politics of the Democratic machine headed up by the infamous Mayor Richard Daily, senior. These clergymen felt King was infringing on their territory and stirring up trouble that they would have to deal with after King left town.  A lot of southern leaders felt this way also.  Those historically black colleges  were not so anxious for integration, because it would mean an exodus of students leaving their campuses and enrolling in white ones.  In the southern black culture, teachers and preachers were the pillars of their communities and integration was acutally a threat to the power of these leaders who preferred not to rock the boat.


The good thing about growing old is that you get to see revisionist history in action on both sides of the racial bar.  The truth is an elusive animal. Everybody wants to anoint their own heroes, and nobody hesitates to twist the facts.  

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Cynique, this is exactly why the voices of our elders need to be highlighted more. 


Sure, Farrakhan and even boxing great Muhammad Ali vilified Malcolm X calling him a "hypocrite" a very profound denouement.  The whole situation was and still is so very is tragic.  Sure we know who pulled the trigger on the weapons that killed Malcolm.  I suspect the true motivations (and motivators) will be "made plain" one day.

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Farrakhan probably didn't kill Malcolm X just like OJ probably didn't kill Nicole Brown Simpson. Feel free to take this exactly as your logic so sees fit.


I suspect that Malcolm X's assassination was the result of a collaborative effort between seemingly unlikely allies. I think that his blood is on the hands of many... and I definitely suspect that Farrakhan is in this bunch. 




Homeboy on some Scar from Lion King ish...

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