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Praying For A Black Pope. Could It Really Happen?

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Well, not me, really, as I am secular and don’t find such exercises useful, yet I am certain worldwide millions of misguided people of color are praying.


A conclave of Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church will meet very soon to elect the next pope (see, proof that popes are not divine and chosen by God), and speculations abound that two black Cardinals from Africa have a chance.  


Some background: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2277047/Will-pope-black-Ghanaian-Nigerian-cardinals-lead-race-Vatican.html


I say, oh, please, go away, that will never happen.  

Every pope has been old, white, male (of course), and European. And since a great part of Catholic theology is to tramp around the world and convert the black and brown savages, I doubt that a conclave of predominantly white European males would elect a savage as pope.


However, my excitement is that if it were to miraculously happen that could be a catalyst for the demise of the Catholic Church, a worthwhile outcome considering the devastation, destruction, and murder of people of color that Catholicism has perpetrated worldwide over many centuries.


And because over 100 years (probably centuries) of priests raping young boys has not shattered the Catholic faithfuls, perhaps a black pope will sending Anglo Catholics fleeing by the millions.

I can only hope.


Here a Rastafarian reveals how the recently resigned pope has assured that there will not be a black pope: http://www.africaresource.com/rasta/









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Need2ritefaster,  the author of the 2nd article, Sabella Abidde, is an atheist.  At least that is what her Facebook page says.


Image a Black pope. While they would certainly gain more converts in African they would probably loose all the Germans, Irish and most of the Europeans :-) 


I guess they don't have any mulatto Cardinals to consider to ease the transition in an Obamain fashion ;)

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