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((Pioneer looks at Boitumelo sideways))
Do you just sit around watching Fox News and parrot every racist report they toss out?

Before I even opened up your thread I KNEW it would be about some homicide on the streets of Chicago.

As if the violence and gang problem in Chicago is something new........
As if Chicago is the only city ecperiencing gun violence......
As if this is the first time a an innocent child has been killed....

All this report on Black violence is just a damn smokescreen...a red herring tossed out by right-wing  to focus the gun debate on the innercity instead of on the country as a whole.

Just like they're trying to get people to focus on mental illness as the source of violence instead of guns
For 40 years conservatives didn't give a damn what happened to crazy people.....now "all of a sudden"  America has a problem treating her mentally ill.

Focus on THAT...but whatever you do don't focus on ole Billy Bob with the rebel flag on the back of his pick-up truck and his 14 assault rifles that he's allowed to carry next to him in the passenger seat!

And look how this is phrased:




Go ahead.........((sits back, smiles, and waves hand))

Really....just forget about the fact that the other boy accused was White.
He's just "another teen" and his race doesn't matter....let's focus on that Black boy

And now today the media is focusing on a couple of silly girls who sent threats via twitter.....as if no one else has ever done that.  The way the media is CHOOSING to be all over this "unprecedented event".....how much is anyone willing to be me that these girls are probably Black also and their images will too be shown all over the media for the world to see?


Personally I think what those boys did (and by the way they were 16 year old BOYS/JUVENILES/MINORS and I thought there was some sort of law that prevented the media from showing their images to the public) was not only stupid but despicable,  and there was no excuse for it.

But seriously????

When did the law start going after men who get women drunk and have sex with them and accuse those men of being rapists?
If that's the case, probably nearly half of the former and current Ivy League students would be convicted rapists.

Anyone remember the Duke LaCross rape case and how those boys were let go because several young men having sex with that one woman was seen as consentual?

I'm very critical of the immoral behavior often found in the Black community but this one sided hypocritical targetting of Black behavior sometimes just gets me salted.  Especially when the criticism isn't constructive but just a parroting of what racists are saying as a form of propaganda.

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NEWSFLASH: The mainstream media is biased against Black men!


It is interesting however to notice the increased focus on Chicago gun violence.  It is like a feeding frenzy, every tragic incident is national news. 


On a related note there has been increased attention on women in the US military.  I heard a program on NPR this morning that said 1 in 4 women in the US Military has either been raped or sexually assaulted.  This is astonishing to me.


The sexual assaults of men in the military was reported to be the same as in the general population.

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The truth about babyJonylah's father(Jonathan) is coming out, via the Chicago press who has given this story a lot of ink.  He was not changing her diaper when they were shot at.  She was sitting in his lap while he was cruising around.  He is a known gang banger, having been arrested 39 times and he was the target of the shooting.  He was wounded and believed to have known who the shooter was, but wouldn't snitch undoubtedly preferring to extract his own form of vengeance.  He was released  from the hospital and they had the baby's funeral yesterday.  A really big event, with the parents wearing matching white designer jogging suits, displaying a picture of the baby on the back of the tops that featured hoodies. Thy say it went on forever, with the grandmother reading a poem that sounded like it had been written by a rapper.  SMH


The city is in an ongoing state of outrage about all these killings, and are not that offended about the intense news coverage of them, knowing that  "Chiraq" wouldn't be getting this negative publicity if fools would stop killing each other.  Nothing seems to be able to stop the carnage.  One black columnist suggested that the police start using drones to survey gang terrritories and attack offenders. 


As for the Steubenville, Ohio, rape case,  the 16 year old victim was white, and the prosecution's case was strong because the 2 dumb-ass offenders were texting what was going on during the time of the rape and the messages were confiscated for evidence.  The girl was  reportedly drunk and doesn't remember anything, but her attackers incriminated themselves.  It's really a big mess with sides being taken and death threats being made to the victim by defenders of the offenders.  The social media has turned the younger generation into a  bunch of idiots who NEVER seem to consider the consequences of their ridiculous behavior. 


One reason the military brass was always against women in the ranks, was because they knew that the male comrades of these female enlistees were more dangerous than the enemy.  There are  just some areas where women don't need to integrate.  They do it at their own risk, and men stick together when problems arise. Plus women can't compete with men on a physical basis.  Maybe they should create units that combine female and gay soldiers...

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"create units that combine female and gay soldiers..." 
That sounds more like the setup for a reality TV show or sit-com. :D 


"using drones to survey gang territories and attack offenders."
Just wait, that is what they want to do anyway...


"social media has turned the younger generation into a  bunch of idiots who NEVER seem to consider the consequences of their ridiculous behavior" 
I think social media just makes of all more aware of the fact.  By doing so it also desensitizes us all to these situations, making them seem less outrageous and even fueling the behavior.

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Any information that's just now "coming out" about Jonylah's father is out because they PUT it out.

Why does the public need to know all the dirt on that little girl's daddy?

Demonizing the parents.

Do they demonize the parents of these mass murderers for not raising them properly or leaving guns around the house for them to get ahold of?

Look at the news and how they have to broadcast a negative element to so many tradgedies involving Black victims.

Look at that SUV accident in Ohio where 6 teens were killed when thier vehicle flipped into a pond.

6 young people died tragically and their bodies weren't even cold before the media started putting out reports to demonize them:

((Old square headed clown in a suit shuffling papers at a news desk))

"Whoaa looks like they weren't wearing seat belts......."

Then the next day..."Wow, now it looks like there was too many of them piled up in the car!!".
Then the next day...."Oh jeez,  we now have reports the SUV they were in wasn't theirs and may have been stolen".

I knew then the teens had to be Black or mostly Black for the lack of compassion shown to them.

I'm beginning to believe that some news organizations have a policy againsts broadcasting anything that may entice the public to feel sorry for Black people in any way.  If there's a story that may jerk even a few tears, they have to follow it up with something to somehow lead the viewer to believe the poor negro was the reason for his own demise.


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I've said it before and I'll continue to say it.

ONLY righteous Black men will clean up the problems plaguing the inner cities of America.

I used to think that White men had the ability to do it but didn't have the will, now I truly believe that they no longer even have the ability to effectively and properly establish order and civility in the "hood".
The problem is actually beyond their control.

The only thing many White law enforcment officials know how to do is either:

a)Keep troubled areas segregated and cut off from the rest of the city to contain the problem or

b)Lock as many "criminals" as they can up without dealing with what makes people turn criminal in the first place or

c)Use gestapo type tactics like arming themselves and other citizens so they can shoot down as many "bad guys" as they can as a last resort

In other words, rather than addressing the CAUSE of the problem they only try to deal with and contain the problem as much as they possibly can and then hope for some sort of solution in the future.

Only Black (and Latino) men who know the psychology of eachother know how to surgically and effectively go into these areas and not only protect the community but with the skill and precision of a surgeon....impliment programs with focus for maximum effectiveness.

For example.....

If you have a group of healthy young men being pressured by not only thier bellies to eat, but by the courts to pay child support and other daily financial obligations......those brother need money.
This is a capitalist society.  Food clothing and shelter isn't free.

How are they going to get money to meet their needs outside of selling dope or stealing?

Especially if the ony jobs in thier immediate area are liquor stores ran by immigrants or churches ran by degreed pastors?

You must:

1. Flood the neighborhood with police officers to stablize it and provide security

2. Quickly bring in a force of good paying (in Chicago say....atleast $15 and hour minimum)  jobs that require only basic intelligence and ability so that everybody who wants to work can.
This eliminates excuses for criminal enterprise and will separate decent people from those who are just plain no good.

3. Then you can effectively focus on the hardcore unredeemable criminal element.

How much would this cost for one neighborhood?

Let's say 1 billion dollars at the most.

But wouldn't it be worth it?


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Pioneer you can't simply flood a community with jobs.  Jobs are created as a result of a matching of a demand for good or services with a supply of the same.


Give me one example of a job (a job description) that you would flood the community with.

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There's already a demand for services in most innercities in America, and plenty of human capital to supply that service.
The only difference is the Government is sitting around waiting for PRIVATE investors to organize and supply the services instead of THEM doing it themselves.


I can give you 3 right off the bat:

1. Picking up trash and bulk items from the streets and alleys.
2. Sand blasting and painting over graffiti
3. Cutting the grass and cutting down the trees and overgrown brush in abandonned neighborhoods

These are low skilled jobs that only require goggles, work gloves, and relatively decent health.

No one should need a degree or have to pass a marijuana test just to do this.

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These are all services that any well run city performs as a matter of course.  It is called maintenance.   If a community does not perform these tasks they have more profound problems and are usually cash strapped -- otherwise they would do it, right?


That said many communities have programs were people in public housing, or who were formerly incarcerated are provided jobs like these to supplement regular city services.  Usually to build work skills, like showing up on time. 


In any event, this would not address you "living wage" issue, because at the end of the day all the money you want to pay these workers have to come from somewhere.  Which means you have to tax other people more, cut services somewhere else or both.


What you are calling for would not work in our current system, not unless rich people, out of the blue, decide they want to share some of their wealth with other people.


I'm not holding my breath.

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These are all services that any well run city performs as a matter of course. It is called maintenance. If a community does not perform these tasks they have more profound problems and are usually cash strapped -- otherwise they would do it, right?


That's what they're supposed to do but not only are many major cities cash strapped but they are poorly managed and poorly laid out.

On my website I go into the reasons why Detroit and many other cities have deteriorated from the inside out because of poor urban planning to begin with that didn't provide a dense enough tax base to maintain city services.

Also many of these cities have a history of corruption and mismanagement which is why a jobs program should be initiated and closely supervised by the Federal Government to provide proper oversight and audit the money to make sure it goes to the people and projects it's supposed to.



That said many communities have programs were people in public housing, or who were formerly incarcerated are provided jobs like these to supplement regular city services. Usually to build work skills, like showing up on time.

In any event, this would not address you "living wage" issue, because at the end of the day all the money you want to pay these workers have to come from somewhere. Which means you have to tax other people more, cut services somewhere else or both.


You're right.......

That's how the system is SUPPOSED to work, but it actually doesn't work that way.

What you're saying about having to get the tax dollars from somewhere else  only applies when seeking funds from state or local governments.

States and local municipalities don't have the ability to print thier own money or borrow money from one pocket to put it in the other like the Federal Government can, so thier money really is limited.

Cash strapped cities used to borrow money and get generous grants from the Federal Government but the conservatives are turning the Federal faucet off to the states and cities. So now when your city is strapped for cash they tax the hell out of you or set up speed traps to get as much money out of the public as they can to keep the services up.

However the Federal Government's pockets are deep, which is why they have money to continually extend unemployment benefits or come up with money for wars and space projects and other things all while being 16 trillion in the hole.....lol.

Any jobs program on a large scale would eventually have to look to the Feds to receive adequate funding.




What you are calling for would not work in our current system, not unless rich people, out of the blue, decide they want to share some of their wealth with other people.

That's my point.

People keep waiting on charity or the private sector to step up and do what the government should be doing themselves.

It's not the responsibility of charitable organizations, wealthy philanthropists, or venture capitalists to improve the infrastructure of America's cities.....it's the government's job.

That's one of the reasons we HAVE a government isn't it?

Sure some rich old ladies in sweat pants with water bottles can get out on a nice warm day and clean up a few allies and toss a few twinkies out to homeless people as they drive by on their way back home but it's not the responsibility of the church or rich people with big hearts to look out for the welfare of the citizenry. It's the government's responsibility.

Most other Western industrialized countries accept this, America is the only wealthy nation where peope belive the government doesn't have a responsibility to help it's citizens and that they should turn to begging rich people for help.


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"Federal Government's pockets are deep"


Though the government may behaving this way this can be no further from the truth.  The Federal Government is no different than your local government, in that THEY have no money -- other that what WE give them (or rather what they take from us).


If you are assuming that the federal gvernment can provide money for jobs because they have so much you can not be MORE wrong.  The government is running trillion dollar deficits each year and have a cummulative in the trillions of dollars for the foreseeable future.


Again, if the government is going to provide money for jobs they too need to get the money from somewhere.  Obviously the people who need the jobs can not provide those funds.  So the government can borrow more, tax us more, spend less, or some combination of these.  None of which the government seems willing to do, really.


If you think they are going to do this to "create" jobs for Black and brown people you can forget it. 


The best we can do is go old school and create our own jobs. The government has NEVER displayed a propensity to take of us in the manner you think they should....

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Article 1 section 8 of the United States Constitution gives the Federal goverment the right to literally MAKE UP (in other words print and add value to) as much money as they want.

The feds can print money.
The state and local municipalities can't.

This is just a plain fact.

Sure the federal government can tax Americans and get money from various sources but they can also PRINT thier own money and that's where most of it is coming from now.

This socalled "debt" is just a joke.
An excuse conservatives politicians can point to when they don't want to fund projects that they don't support.
Even Dick Cheney said debts don't matter.
Do you really think they have plans to actually pay off $16 trillion???

Let us look at this logically.....

Broke = no money

Debt = you owe money.

Debt doesn't necessarily mean broke.
Just because you owe a lot of money doesn't mean you don't have any, most business people operate on a level of debt that often outweighs thier liquid assets.

The United States was about 7 trillion in debt when they went to work with Iraq and Afganistan....where did they get the money to fight a 2 trillion dollar war?

Come on man, they can print it up at will.

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Pioneer your reasoning is exactly why we are in serious trouble as a nation.  Sure we can print more paper, but why do you think that money will hold value? 


You realize every time we "print" money the value of all money does down.  It is like a ponzi scheme destined to collapse.  Ultimately the lender comes to collect.  I don't think the Chinese are taking any shorts.  Learn to speak Mandarin my friend you are gonna need it....

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Yes, too much money can lead to inflation but most of the value of money or any other product is determined by DEMAND and not necessarily by supply.

Look at oil.
There's plenty of it, yet the cost continues to rise because of the DEMAND...not necessarily the supply.

There is great demand for all the money they're printing up as they're using it for war, real estate, oil, paying off government workers, ect.....
As long as the demand for the money is there it will be valuable.

Again, the debt is just an excuse to point to.
They were saying that the dollar was about to collapse from inflation back when the debt was only 5 trillion, then they really went crazy at 10 trillion.
Now it's at 16 trillion and growing and the cost of food and most other things are still the same as it was back when the debt was 10 trillion and the economy is still buzzing.

The goverment should be the great arbitrator.
They are supposed to step in and do what the private citizens can't or won't do.
When the free market and private investors refuse to jump in first and invest in rebuilding the innercity then the Federal Government has a RESPONSIBILITY to step in and initiate....and possibly carry most of the load if need be.

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And as far as the Chinese goes.....they're bought off.
Western corporations have figured out a way to get the Chinese government to enslave their own citizens for THEIR benefit.

So in China you don't have communism, you have ultra capitalism with a tiny minority of government officials reaping most of the profits.


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