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The "Black on Black Violence" Counternarrative

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Black on black violence/crime is quite profiitable. Perhaps this is why we do not hear too many complaints about it from the dominant culture until there is a need to distract, divide, and deflect.


The counternarrative of black on black violence has been especially hot in conservative circles. Quite crafty obviously, because this counternarrative has been adopted by many who probably would otherwise actually be discussing the injustice of the Zimmerman trial and the injustice of black life in America.


How easily we are distracted. What really is our logic behind those who have never cared about black people killing one another spending so much time, energy, and money to put the need for us to stop the  black on black violence in the spotlight? Do we really think that they have grown a conscience and now want for us to stop disrespecting, assaulting, and killing one another?


Do we have the clarity and the will to stay focused? If we engage in conversations about black on black violence as a post Zimmerman verdict sidebbar convo, hopefully it will not be in the form of a debate with those who have never cared about it in the first place.

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Hi Waterstar.  I can no longer speak on these subjects with any degree of rational credibility because I am driven by my emotions.  I harbor an intense dislike for any white person who doesn't think like me, and I reeeeeally hate black right wing Repubicans.  I can't stand Fox News, either.  I'm about ready to call it quits.  Screw America.  It sucks.


Here's a link that is kind of relevant to your concerns;

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Sometimes when I'm watching a discussion on television about the Zimmerman trial I look at a clock and actually time the amount of minutes it takes for a conservative to mention CHICAGO and how many Black youth were killed during the past week.
It's there talking point and they use it in almost every discussion to offset the focus on racism and distract from the topic.


They do the same thing with the word "nigger".

Everytime a famous White person is caught on tape using the word and they can't wiggle their way out or deny it, their defenders often point to the fact that so many Black youth use it also as an excuse or distraction.

I remember when Don Imus called Black female basketball players some "nappy headed hoes" instead of dealing with THAT, many started pointing to the rappers who used that word often.

All the more reason like Malcolm said Black people must be analytical enough (or keen/sharp enough) to be able to figure out the tricks and lies and deceptions their enemy uses against them.


But on another tip, I MUST say that in the eyes of most people who reside in America of any race.....Black people will looked "uncredible" if they raise hell over the Zimmerman trial while scores of Black people are being killed by their own everyday.
Yes it's a conservative talking point.
But it's also the truth and it must be dealt with.


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They are talking points for the right wing.  They should be talking point for the left wing as well.


Of course that is all they are is talking points neither side really care enough to actually do something about the situation.


The article says While perpetrate violent crimes at a rate of 2 to 1 compared to Black but this is a weak and misleading argument because White out number Black in this country by 6 to 1! 

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