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Side Piece – Free Limited Time

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Side Piece – Free Limited Time


Twenty-three year old Amber Watkins unexpectedly entered the outwardly glamorous and exciting world of being the side piece of professional basketball superstar Jamal Franklin. Amber travels the country to be available for Jamal to provide for him what he feels he’s not getting from his wife. The realities and perks of being the other woman surprised Amber and reached its pinnacle during a crazy week at the All-Star game in Las Vegas where wives, girlfriends and jumpoffs all mixed and mingled with the wives never knowing they were around. Amber’s secret life is exposed in a surprising fashion and she is even more shocked to find out how her stint as the other woman really came about. Amber has a surprise in store for someone trying to cast her aside as being a nobody when everything comes to a head.  In the end who has the last laugh the wife, player or side piece?





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