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When he had initially thought of calling his daughter to make sure his granddaughter was being watched after carefully, he dismissed the idea. He didn’t wish to offend his daughter. Of course, she was taking precautions to make sure that the ‘body snatchers’ didn’t get her little girl. He called a friend instead.

“I know this may sound silly , but what is it about black women and this obsession with their bodies?” Davis paused. “Whatever happened to the old saying about beauty coming from within?” He sighed. “As a psychologist, I figured you might know. And while you’re at it, why do black women, as much shit as they talk, have such low self-esteem?”


“Slavery? I thought that was over about 150 years ago.” Davis grunted. “Come on, Michelle, you gonna have to do better than that.”

“Can you imagine how hard it was for black women to find their femininity? Slavery sure as hell didn’t give us any. We were worked in the fields just as hard as the men, so when we were freed from bondage, we didn’t know anything about how to be feminine. What did we know about hair, nail, or makeup? That meant we had to discover our own femininity, had to define ourselves. Of all the women on the planet, black women the only ones that had to learn how to be a woman. All we had was a blank slate on which to draw ourselves, but we didn’t have anything to go on but our physical assets so we used that as our foundation. Titties and ass became the building blocks of black womanhood.”

“I’m sorry.”

“And your black ass should be.”

“Why, what I do?”

“Black men let black women down big time.”  Michelle shook her head. “We expected so much more from you guys. Do you know why? We were there, Ronnie. The black woman was there, a personal eyewitness to everything you had done for the white man. We saw how you made crops grow like magic from an earth that wasn’t supposed to bear seed. We saw how you erected grand homes out of sticks and stones for the massa.” There was bitterness in her voice. “We were there, Ronnie. We witnessed all the marvelous shit you guys did as slaves, so quite naturally, we assumed that you fuckers were going to do the same for us once we were free. We expected you lazy, no-good motherfuckers to go out and to conquer the world for us, but you guys were bigger bitches as free men than you had been as slaves.”

Unable to conceal her disappointment, Michelle hung up.

Davis wasn’t about to call back.



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