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Kalyani Magazine - A Literary Print Magazine by Women of Color


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Kalyani Magazine - a semi annual literary print magazine by women of color - has it's third issue on the theme "How I Got Over". This represents poetry, prose, and artwork by women of color from around the world.

Editor-in-chief – Shubha Bala
Managing Editor – Priya X. Agrawal
Managing Editor – Colleen Thompson




Table of Contents for Issue #3

2 • Interview with Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene
10 • Nigerian Dyke Holy Text by Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene
12 • first poem since by Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene


• Writing •

16 • Becoming a fish by Anna G. Raman
17 • Time is a Blanket Sewn from Strips of Cloud and Rainbow by Zahra Murphy Patterson
23 • Mumo by Alexandria Delcourt
24 • On Forgiveness by Alexandria Delcourt
26 • the people say by Maisha Z. Johnson
28 • Termination at 19 (or On wisdom) by Adrienne Christian
30 • Backyard American Dream by Gia Bernini
34 • how i got over by Adrienne Christian
35 • My Palestine Stands Still by Laila Shikaki
36 • Numbers by Hope Wabuke
38 • At Sixteen by Latorial Faison
39 • Miso Without Tofu by Sophia E. Terazawa
43 • certainty by Angeline Yang
44 • Should Love Come Looking by Jehan Roberson
46 • In Praise of My Butt by Nadia Alexis
47 • Fantastic Bon-Voyage by sahara borja
55 • Epilogue by Maria Gregorio
56 • Scattered Pieces by Rashida James-Saadiya
58 • This Is Steadiness In Breath by Romila Barryman
60 • Palladia by DeMisty D. Bellinger
65 • To the Owner of Lonely Nights by Jehan Roberson
68 • Black on my Skin Dream by Kaitlynn Lane
70 • brazilian symphony by Annie Gustin


• Visual Art •

33 • Elastic Energy by Molly Solanki
57 • back to us by Maurica Roland
72 • Two Sisters…Tropical Waltz by Annie Gustin
86 • Cover Art: Deneen by So Yoon Lym


More at: http://kalyanimagazine.com

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