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Black Males at Risk


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One day I left home and it took me ten years to get back. No, I did not get lost. What happened was even worse. I was arrested, convicted and sentenced to prison for a crime I did not commit. Even though there were five people, including a prominent, black lawyer who could vouch for my whereabouts at the time of the robbery, it did not matter. I was black, so I was guilty.


This is not a new occurrence and it is now a part of an even wider conspiracy to lock up black males. Last year, a well-known judge in Pennsylvania was convicted in the so-called "Cash 4 Kids" program where judges would send black youth to prison in exchange for money. It did not matter if they were guilty of any crime. And this particular judge was not the only one caught up in this scheme.


The private prison industry is a booming business and what they need in order to make their investment in building prisons profitable is to fill those prison with inmates. Judges eagerly joined in this conspiracy and sent countless, young, black males into these dungeons.


What may be unknown to most of the public is that corporations such as Victoria's Secret, Hewlitt-Packard, Texas Instruments, and many more have established plants inside of prisons and they are only concerned about fattening their bottom line which means the prisons are strapped with the obligation to keep these plants filled with workers.The prisons, in turn, reached out to Judges to do the dirty work of filling the beds. Millions of dollars were made by individual judges who sent black youth to prison is staggering numbers. At present, thousands of cases are being reviewed to see if the judges involved were part of the Cash 4 Kids programs.


There is a very real danger to black males. One in every four black males born in this country will eventually go to prison, and there is a government conspiracy to put them there. Read the frightening new book, WHEN I SAY JUMP, which is a novel about this judicial travesty. WHEN I SAY JUMP is about a black, female lawyer who stumbles upon this conspiracy and her efforts to expose it at the threat of both her sanity and physical welfare. READ IT NOW. The book may be fiction, but the threat is real!  Mothers, do you know where your sons are?


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